after watching LOST since th begining and becoming addicted to this site, i have really come to make it my goal to figure out everything on this show! all the members of this site are genuis and im glad to share this web space witht hem. now, being a christian i find the recurring theme of good and evil absolutely fascinating.there is ont thing that i am really stuck on: jacob is evil.

he may wear white, but so do wolves disguised in sheeps clothing.i really believe that jacob has a brainwashng power over the people of the island.they give him their every will blindly.he, very much like satan, puts on a mask and leads you to believe that by following him you are doing the right thing. the whispers n the jungle is jacob reaching out to you ,trying to recruit new members. much like satan whispers in your ear to try and draw you away from doing the right thing.

jacob locked up MIB because he truly is the good one. he is honest and straightforward. he has been released by the death of jacob, so what reason would he have to lie about anything? in hte Bible it states that sataan will rule the earth until the Lord comes back and defeats him casting him into the deepest part of hell. when jacob was stabbed and kicked into the fire (a direct refernce to burning in hell) MIB was truly set free to take back his the people do not have to be under the oppressing and evil rule of jacob because he has been defeated.

any thoughts??

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