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February 18, 2010
  • MacaRONI

    i think jack is going to be the new jacob. for 2 reasons: A) jack seemed to be the only one who could see the images in the mirror at the lighthouse and B) jack seemed to have some sort of effect on richard while at the black rock.jack was not concerned about losing his life trying to be there for richard.almost as if he knew somehow that everyhing would be ok and nobody would get hurt or die.

    just my own not entirely sure, but its just a hunch....

    thoughts anyone?

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  • MacaRONI

    in last weeks episode, the one all about ben linus, ( i'm really bad at remembering episode titles...) i noticed something pretty cool. after ben escaped from ilana and got the rifle then came back and all that, he was rummaging through sawyers old tent from when they originally crashed. there was all the books and magazines and whatever else that sawyer hoarded and one point you can see the book 'The Chosen' by Chaim Potok in the sand. i just thought that was so cool. like somebody on that plane was chosen.well obviously. haha but ya anyway, i just thought that was very interesting :)

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  • MacaRONI

    jacob is evil

    February 19, 2010 by MacaRONI

    after watching LOST since th begining and becoming addicted to this site, i have really come to make it my goal to figure out everything on this show! all the members of this site are genuis and im glad to share this web space witht hem. now, being a christian i find the recurring theme of good and evil absolutely fascinating.there is ont thing that i am really stuck on: jacob is evil.

    he may wear white, but so do wolves disguised in sheeps clothing.i really believe that jacob has a brainwashng power over the people of the island.they give him their every will blindly.he, very much like satan, puts on a mask and leads you to believe that by following him you are doing the right thing. the whispers n the jungle is jacob reaching out to you ,…

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