I am new to the forum, but after seeing last? episode, try to sketch an explanation (maybe someone has already advanced).

The protagonists are all dead, maybe they lived (Jack?) briefly in the first episode, before the eye shut. everything we have seen (but I was going to write: "happened") after, it was not in the real world of us all. Why? this is the obvious question ...

falling from the sky, the passengers of Oceanic Flight Awareness is heightened and expanded in late imminent and certain death fall . Expanded so that they all became empathically aware of all ...

"Made a sense what was happening to them?" This is the question.

The answer in our world would be obvious: No, unfortunately.

But they found a common understanding could make a right sense of their tragedy, and dozens of minds have constructed it along six long terrestrial years and equally long moments without their weight into that plane.

It 's so that slowly, starting with a faint probability, a remote possibility of saving a plane crash like that ,they have created this web of thoughts, actions, fantasies, incredible facts, historical and mythological abstrusities, magic mirrors and quantum theories of electromagnetic which allowed them to LIVE the last few seconds and eventually to accept the light of their death.

We can develop this theory further, would be the best way to have pity of them and to cry their way out ... --Maba2 07:36, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

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