This is my 1st post so be easy. I saw Season 5 Episode "The Little Prince." I have seen several posts on here talking about the "unknowns" that are shooting at the "known" Losties ( Locke, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles, Daniel, Charlotte), while they are trying to get (back) to The Orchid so Locke can do his thing. There is a flash prior to them getting on the boat; they get to the beach camp, and it looks abandoned. There are 2 boats. They find an Ajira water in one of the boats. This leads me to believe that they are in a future time that we haven't seen on the show yet, and the "unknowns" shooting at the Losties are probably Illana, Bram, and maybe some others that we know and don't know. Does this sound like a reasonable assumption? I ask this because I've seen several theories that don't sound the same; ex: "they're shooting at themselves" which doesn't sound plausible to me, but I guess anything is plausible on Lost. Any other theories?

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