I have enjoyed the group/cast promotional images since the inception of the show. Seasons One through Four depicted Jack as the primary character and center of attention with several secondary "apostles" from the original cast(i.e. Kate, John Locke, Sawyer or Sayid). The rest of the primary cast were the lesser apostles, nonetheless, still very integral parts of the story. Then Season Five came along, and we have an evolution in the Promo image, with Sawyer in the center focus. Sawyer's "seconds" are Juliet(not an original castie) and Kate, and Jack seems to be shifting to the lower tier. Now the latest(it is for me) S5 promo group image has taken on a whole different appearence,it has sort of a "Last Supper" look to it. Daniel Faraday(another non-original castie) is the center of attention, with the other apostles split apart for various reasons. Daniel is the variable, but he may or may not be the savior who can save his twelve apostles. This is my observation after seeing the "Season5promo-wide.jpg" image yesterday and then looking back at the previous seasons images. If someone else has seen to this prior to me, please let me know about it and if any one else sees the parallels that I do please confder with me also.

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