As none of my friends watch lost (apart from one, but he doesn't watch it enough to have a conversation about it) it's hard to talk about lost (which is the main reason I came here). But today, someone mentioned time travel, so I was like :/ it's have to do ;) And because of my amazing arguments ;) We managed to have a 50 minute argument about time travel and how it happens :) As a true lost fan, I clearly stuck to the theory of 'Whatever Happened, Happened'.

These were the three arguments of what we said you experience it as.

1. Me - Just the same as lost, if you travel back in time, that's what always happened and you can't change anything.

2. Friend #1 - You re-experience it from your POV again and you can change things, but that's flawed because it means you can only travel back to the time you were born and travel to the time up until your death.

3. Friend #2 - You can only view it. You can't intervene or change anything or interact. So basically you're just watching it on a screen.

Which do you believe, or don't you believe any ;) P.S. I know we sound nerdy ;) Trust me, we aren't ;) It made everyone quite angry though :)

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