The Guess Who Contest 3

Same rules. Everyone gets one go, in your one go you can only guess each person once. You can guess all of the people, but only one time :) First person to get one right gets that point, anyone that says it after... sorry :) If there is 1 person left undiscovered by the end of the day (So in 11 hours for me) I get 1 point. 2 people left, I get two points etc...

Just to clarify:

Picture 1 = Top left picture.

Picture 2 = Top right picture.

Picture 3 = Bottom left picture.

Good Luck to you all :)

Contest Picture 7

Found out to be Ilana by Islandmatrix

Contest Picture 8

Found out to be Paulo by ChocolateBeforeDinner

Contest Picture 9

Found out to be Juliet by Czygan84

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