Seeing as Heyjude614/Ocie14 is gone, they can't finish their story. So I shall do it for them!

Brent, Carey, Elodie, Eric, Gretchen, Hannah, Harry, Jessica, Jason, Josh, Mackenzie and Olivia (all on different parts of the island) saw a bright flash of white light. It blinded them and they covered their eyes and ears. Suddenly, it went away, and they were all together in front of a cave with a yellow light coming out of it.

JOSH: What is that?! What happened!?

ELODIE: We died!


HARRY: I saw a light!

ELODIE: Because we died!

Suddenly, a large roar came from inside the cave and a pillar of black smoke poured out.



They all turned and ran through a big dense area of bamboo. As they ran Jason's leg got caught between two of the bamboo sticks, but no one came back for him, and he was left behind. As they got out, they stopped and looked at each other.

GRETCHEN: Where's Jason!?

HANNAH: Who cares?! Go!

They all started running again until they came to a beach. On it, was a man stood in a ripped and dirty black shirt and brown trousers. He turned around and glared at them.

MAN: You're not candidates!!!!

He then turned into a pillar of black smoke and charged to them, but suddenly, a force field was put around them. They looked around and saw Warlock using a wand to save them.

ERIC: Hooray for Warlock!

They all started cheering.

Suddenly, Jason emerged from the jungle, with his foot chopped off (he did it too escape). His was angry at the people that left him behind, so he picked up a rock and through it at Warlocks head, knocking him out. The black smoke then killed warlock. Josh turned around, angry at Jason, so he ran at him and snapped his neck.

HANNAH: Hooray! Jason is dead!

They all then ran away as the monster killed warlock. They then came to a beach and they looked up into the sky as the ground shook, they saw another plane crash!!!!! Oceanic 815. The tail section headed straight towards them and they started to run away, but pieces of it crashed to the ground, killing Eric, Olivia, Carey, and Harry.

JOSH: Oh no!

Only, Josh, Brent, Elodie, Gretchen, Hannah, Jessica and Mackenzie were left.

They then continued to run until they came across a doll. Gretchen picked it up and a spike fell down, impaling her face.

Mackenzie giggled.

They ran and ran more and more until they came upon another obstacle; a polar bear. It growled at the group and ran, eating Mackenzie and Brent.

Only Josh, Elodie, Hannah and Jessica remained.

They ran and ran again until they saw a random boat in the sea, they swam to it and got on it, but Hannah fell of and she fell into the blades, killing her. Josh, Elodie and Jessica then sailed home.

The end.

I tried to make it as stupidly random as Heyjude did ;)

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