Its mid-day, in the middle of the jungle there are two people running as fast as they can. They both swerve around bushes and fallen trees as they charge across the slippery and unsure road ahead of them. They keep running and running for a few minutes, until suddenly, the come out into an opening on a beach... the survivor’s camp. Everyone in the camp that’s near the jungle, Josh, Charlotte, Abbie, Mathew, Darien, Michelle and Ji, all look towards the two people that were running. They look in shock and surprise as they see it’s Blaine Barnes and Heather Collins, looking highly exhausted.


Heather is laid in bed, sleeping. She wakes up and looks at her old fashion styled digital clock and she sees its 8:15 am. She sighs and drops her head back onto her pillow so she can get fifteen more minutes sleep before she needs to wake up. However, about two seconds after closing her eyes the phone on her bedside table begins to ring. Her relaxed face suddenly turns very frustrated as she sits up and answers it.


A man with a deep, rough Southern accent replies to her.

MAN: Ma’am, this is a Code 316. I’ve been asked to contact all non-essential staff and tell them they need to group up at the main office for further instructions. This is not a drill.

HEATHER: Non-essential staff? I’m a nurse...

MAN: Like I said, I’ve been told to contact all non-essential staff. I repeat, this is not a drill.

The man then hangs up the call, leaving Heather with a matter of minutes to get ready and head down to the main office.

End of flashback

Back at the beach camp, Heather and Blaine are both sat on the floor in a tent with their hands tied behind their backs. They both struggle to get the ropes off their hands.

James and Josh enter the tent.

HEATHER: Please! Untie us!

JOSH: I’m sorry, but I can’t. You haven’t told us anything about you... we can’t trust you.

BLAINE: That’s because we can’t remember anything!

JOSH: Also, we don’t believe your little amnesia story anymore, it seems too convenient that you don’t know what’s going on when one of our friends has gone missing!

HEATHER: What? Emma? I told you, we don’t know where she is!!

JAMES: Well why wouldn’t you?! You lived with her for days... surely you must have noticed her just “disappear”.

BLAINE: Well that’s the thing, we wouldn’t have. Peter and Robert kept us locked in this room hidden from the main room.

JOSH: Like prisoners?

HEATHER: [calmly] They said it was to protect us... we only came out ever hour or so for a little while.

Josh looks at James to see if he believes them, but James just shrugs his shoulder.

BLAINE: C’mon... we’re telling the truth! You have to believe us!

JOSH: I don’t have to believe anything you say.

Josh and James both then exit the tent, leaving Heather and Blaine inside, still tied up.


In a small dark room, Blaine is rested on a blanket on the floor. He’s wearing dark, muddy and slightly ripped clothing. His hair is longer than usual and scruffy and he has messy stubble. He wakes up to the noise of lots of people talking loudly and shouting. He exits the room to reveal that he’s in the middle of a jungle and there’s a large group of other people, also wearing dirty and ripped clothing. He makes his way through the people, until he finds a girl. He grabs her shoulder and turns her around. It’s Ellie.

ELLIE: Oh, hi, Lloyd, I assume you’ve heard the news...

BLAINE (LLOYD): No, what’s going on, Jane?

ELLIE (JANE): The truce has been broken... We’re waiting for Charles to tell us what to do.

The two then turn around as they hear a man clearing his throat to speak. They see its Charles Widmore... middle aged.

CHARLES: As most of you are aware, late last night the truce between us and the DHARMA Initiative was broken. One of their workers was found snooping around our camp.

Richard Alpert then steps aside Charles.

RICHARD: [angry towards Charles] Are you not going to tell them what happened to him, Charles?

Charles gives Richard an evil glare and then he sighs.

RICHARD: He killed him. He killed the man in cold blood. He snapped that man’s neck without a second of regret.

CHARLES: Well would you have had it any other way?! Would you rather that man escape with information on our whereabouts, our numbers so they could plan an attack in the future to rid of us?!

Richard is silent. However, a middle aged woman steps up, Eloise.

ELOISE: You could have talked to the man, Charles. We could have come to a civil agreement.

CHARLES: [patronisingly] Yes, well that’s sweet, but we cannot take risks like that. That is why tonight, we’re going to finish off what we should’ve done years ago. We’re going to exterminate the DHARMA Initiative.

Blaine Barnes (Lloyd Dixon) and Ellie Donoghue (Jane Howard) both look nervously at each other.

End of flashback

It is now evening, and Blaine and Heather are still both tied up in the tent. Blaine turns to Heather and notices she’s got another nosebleed and that she looks very pale, sweaty and ill.

BLAINE: [yelling for people outside the tent] Hey! I need some help!

Josh and Melissa enter the tent. Melissa sees the state Heather is in, and is shocked.

MELISSA: [worried] Oh, my.

She approaches Heather and starts to check her over.

JOSH: [cautious] Careful...

MELISSA: [to Heather] How long have you been feeling like this?

HEATHER: [exhausted, sick] A few hours.

MELISSA: Have you had enough to drink and eat?

HEATHER: Plenty.

BLAINE: There’s a medi-kit back at the Station... there might be something there for her.

JOSH: Forget it; we’re not trekking miles and miles for nothing. If we go there, we’re staying there. How many beds are there?

BLAINE: Five. There’s two in the back room and three in the main room.

JOSH: Well you, Heather and three others are gonna move there in the morning. For tonight you can sleep in here. Okay?

Blaine nods.

MELISSA: [to Heather] You gonna be okay?

Heather slowly nods to her, assuring her she’ll be fine for the night.



On a large open field, that’s near a large area of jungle, there is the sound of hundreds of gun fire. Both the DHARMA Initiative and the Natives fight for survival. Amongst both groups, there are Heather Collins (Lorelai Massey), Blaine Barnes (Lloyd Dixon), Ellie Donoghue (Jane Howard), Richard Alpert, Juliet Burke, James Ford (LaFleur), Eloise Hawking, Jin Kwon, Miles Straume and Charles Widmore. The shoot out goes on for what seems forever. As Heather (Lorelai) takes cover behind a tree, someone shoots at her from the side, making her run in fear, but as she exposes herself she is shot in the chest and she dies immediately. Blaine and Ellie continue to fight and shoot. As Ellie sees a DHARMA member to shoot at, she charge forward, but unknowingly steps in front of Blaine’s fire and she too is killed. Blaine stops shooting with horror of what he just did. He then drops his gun and he stands there motionlessly... making himself vulnerable long enough for him to get shot square in the forehead... he dies instantly too.



In the middle of the jungle, Robert Simus and Peter Monroe are both looking around for something.

PETER: According to the files, it should be somewhere near here.

Something catches Robert’s eye and he stops.

ROBERT: I think I found it.

Peter rushes to Robert and stands next to him. They then both look down at a deep grave with skeletons in it (not the same one from the purge). They both look at each other, smile, and then jump down into it and start collecting DNA samples.

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