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Bernadette Park

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Mr. Hang

Nursing Home Carer


In the jungle, Ji and James are both walking around, picking up long vines that are on the floor, large branches or any small pieces of wreckage. James looks over to Ji and then he stops picking up supplies and he stands still.

JAMES: [politely] So, where are you from?

JI: Korea. I was born in Seoul, but ever since I was four I’ve lived in Germany with my foster parents.

JAMES: [awkwardly] Oh, I’m sorry.

JI: [chuckling comfortingly] No, it’s okay. I’m fine.

There is silence for a few moments.

JI: My parents were going for a vacation on their own, so I stayed with my grandparents. They spent two weeks in Canada and they missed their flight on the way home so they booked the next plane back... It barely made it off the ground... the pilot just... lost control and it crashed into the airport.

James stares at Ji sadly and silently, not knowing how to reply. Ji stands motionlessly for a few seconds, but then she suddenly “comes back” and gives James a smile.

JI: Anyway, let’s carry on.

The two continue to collect the supplies for the canoe, but suddenly James hears something in the distance. He stops for a moment to listen closely. He then stops Ji from moving.

JAMES: [whispering] Listen.

The two listen carefully and they hear the sound of running water. They both look at each other excitedly and then run towards the sound. After running for almost a minute, they eventually come into an opening. They stop with astonishment as they see a large waterfall (the same waterfall Kate, Sawyer, Nikki and Paulo visited). They then look at each other with astonishment and then exchange a small, happy smile.


It’s a very sunny day with clear blue skies in Seoul. Ji-Yun is walking down a clean concrete path with freshly cut grass either side of her. She’s headed to a large building, a newly built building in a quiet part of Seoul. There are large open windows circling around it and the gardens are filled with beautiful flowers and ponds with elegant fish in them. She enters the building through two large glass doors and then she finds herself in a reception type waiting room. She approaches the reception desk and smiles at the woman who’s on the other side.

JI: [in Korean] Hello, I’m here to see Mr Lee and Mrs Keng.

The receptionist searches through her computer and then looks at Ji, giving her a smile.

RECEPTIONIST: [in Korean] Of course, go on through.

JI: [in Korean] Thank you.

Ji then walks through a door into a corridor. She walks down the corridor, which has smooth cream walks and soft laminated floors until she reaches the end door. She opens it, goes through and emerges into a large open room with lots of elderly people sitting around on large comfortable chairs. None of them even glance at Ji when she enters the room, they just stay in their own little world. Ji then starts to look around the room for Mr Lee and Mrs Keng. Eventually, she sees two people, a man and a woman sat together with their chairs facing out one of the large windows. Ji smiles and then walks towards them. When she reaches them, she puts one hand on the woman’s shoulder, and her other on the man’s shoulder. They both look up to her and smile happily.

MRS KENG: [in Korean. smiling] Ji-Yun, it’s great to see you.

JI: [in Korean, smiling back] Hi... grandma... granddad.

A little while later, Ji-Yun is sat on a chair facing her grandmother and grandfather, who are both sat on large comfy chairs.

JI: [in Korean] So how are you both today?

MR LEE: [in Korean, cheerfully] Oh, very well, darling.

JI: [in Korean] Are you going to do anything interesting today?

MRS KENG: [in Korean, happily] Yes, yes. There’s a woman coming in later... she’s going to help us do our own floral arrangements.

JI: [in Korean, smiling] It sounds great.

MR LEE: [in Korean] So, how are Tae-Kun and Bernadette doing? Are they okay?

JI: [in Korean] Yes, yes... they’re fine. They’ve gone away on vacation for two weeks in England.

Mrs Keng smiles as she’s happy to hear the news.

Ji-Yun then looks around the large room at all the other elderly people. She then notices a old and fragile man sitting in the corner, on his own. He’s next to an open door and is shivering. With an unhappy look on her face, she starts to look around for one of the carers.

MR LEE: [in Korean] What is wrong?

JI: [in Korean, still looking around the room] I’ll be back in a minute.

She stands up and starts to look for a carer. Suddenly, a man wearing a white uniform exits a kitchen, holding a tray with cups of tea on it. Ji approaches him.

JI: [in Korean] Excuse me, that man over there looks cold. Could someone get him a blanket?

MALE CARER: [in Korean] Of course.

He then stops another carer, who’s walking past.

MALE CARER: [in Korean] Can you give Mr Hang a blanket please, he’s cold.

The other carer nods and walks away to get him a blanket. The male carer then turns back to Ji and smiles at her.

MALE CARER: [in Korean] Thank you.

JI: [in Korean, smiling and showing an interest in him] No problem.

End of flashback

About an hour after finding the waterfall, James and Ji are stood in the water, which is knee deep high, with their trousers rolled up. Ji is holding a small prototype of the canoe design, crafted from a bamboo cane. She and James look at each other with suspense.

JAMES: Let’s hope this works.

She slowly places the prototype into the water and gives it a gentle push. At first, everything seems fine and it glides forward in a straight line. They both smile at each other. However, it then starts to slowly spin around in constant circles and then eventually capsizes, and then sinks. Ji and James then look at each other again and sigh.

Meanwhile, at the Twin Station, Heather is sat in the main living area listening to Hotel California by The Eagles. She’s sat reading a book by herself. Suddenly, Blaine comes out of the bathroom with a towel tied around his waist; he’s just had a shower. Heather doesn’t even lift her head up when he exits the bathroom; she just continues to read the book.

HEATHER: How was the shower?

BLAINE: ...Good.

They are both silent for a moment until Blaine walks over to the stereo player and turns off the musuc.

BLAINE: Do you not think it’s weird?

Heather looks up at Blaine with a puzzled face.

BLAINE: Robert and Peter said we could spend more than an hour outside of that room... But here we are, days later, and we’re fine.

Heather shrugs her shoulders and then turns her head back to her book so she can continue reading. However, when she starts to read, she needs, she notices red splatters on the pages. She looks at it curiously, and then suddenly, another red splatter lands on the pages. Confused, Heather puts her hand over her nose and realises she’s having a nose bleed. Blaine then notices her nose bleed and they both look at each other nervously.

In the jungle, near a small stream, Samantha is collecting water with a water bottle. Suddenly, Olivia comes up behind her and she too starts to collect water in a bottle. She just ignores Samantha and collects the water. Meanwhile, Samantha gives her odd looks as she faces away from her. After a moment of being reluctant to speak, Samantha finally opens her mouth.

SAMANTHA: How can you live with yourself...?

OLIVIA: I live with myself just fine.

SAMANTHA: [disgusted] Are you ever gonna feel remorse for what you did?

OLIVIA: Remorse for what? Protecting myself? Then no... Your father was blackmailing me, and you know it. Why can’t you just accept that?

SAMANTHA: [upset, disgusted] “Why can’t I just accept that?” Because he’s my father! And even if he was blackmailing you, he didn’t deserve to die. What he deserved was a second chance!

OLIVIA: [chuckling] Oh, that’s rich!

SAMANTHA: [shocked] Excuse me?!

OLIVIA: [mockingly] He deserves a second chance? Then what about William, huh? Why doesn’t he get a second chance? [angrily] You self righteous little bitch, you’re disgusting.

Samantha suddenly pounces on Olivia and the two begin to fight. They scratch, claw, bite, pull hair and scream for a few moments until, suddenly, Josh runs up to them and drags them apart. He then holds the two angry women away from each other.

JOSH: What is going on?! I thought you two sorted out your problems!!

Samantha and Olivia just ignore Josh and glare at each other, panting, with their teeth showing viciously.

Back at the waterfall, Ji and James are both sat with their legs hanging into the water. They’re both silent as they think of a new way to escape the island. Suddenly, Ji’s eyes open wide as an idea pops into her head.

JI: I got it, it’s a bit cliché but it’s bound to work!

JAMES: What?

JI: We all won’t be able to fit onto it, but about three of us could go get help!

JAMES: Ji, what’s your idea?

JI: [smiling] A raft.


Months later, Ji and Jong (the carer from the retirement home) are sat at opposite sides of a small circle table in a posh and elegant restaurant. They’re nearing the end of their main course when Jong suddenly stands up.

JI: [in Korean, kindly] What’re you doing?

JONG: [in Korean] Excuse me for a moment.

He then goes to the males bathroom. While he’s gone, Ji politely stops eating and waits until Jong returns. After a minutes pass, Ji gets curious about where Jong is. Suddenly, a waiter walks past her.

JI: [in Korean] Excuse me, could you please check the male toilets. My boyfriend went in there about eight minutes ago and he hasn’t come back...

The waiter nods and then goes into the toilets to look for Jong. Ji waits for a little while, then suddenly the waiter comes out and he approaches Ji.

WAITER: [in Korean] There’s nobody in the toilets. It’s empty.

Ji suddenly gets a sick feeling in her stomach, thinking Jong has left her. She then turns back to the waiter, trying to hold in her tears.

JI: [in Korean, putting on a smile] Thank you.

The waiter then walks away, and leaves Ji sitting on her own. After a little while passes, Ji notices something floating towards her. She thinks it looks like red balloon. When it gets closer to her, she realises that it is in fact a red balloon with a piece of string hanging from it, and attached to the string is a piece of paper. When it reaches her, she grabs the piece of paper and opens it, it reads (in Korean) “Will you marry me?” Shocked, Ji looks around the restaurant and then she suddenly sees Jong stood behind her.

JI: [in Korean, shocked] What is this?

JONG: [in Korean, chuckling] It’s pretty self explanatory.

JI: [in Korean, confused] Your parents...they’d never condone this. They’d never accept the fact that I’m adopted, Jong, let alone by a half Korean and half German family.

JONG: [in Korean] I don’t care what they think, all I want is you. [pause] So, will you marry me.

Ji is silent for a moment and then she lets out a huge smile before leaping into Jong’s arms and hugging him. The both laugh joyously.

JONG: [in Korean, happily] I’ll take that as a yes, then.

End of flashback

At the camp, Ji, James, Josh, Charlotte and Melissa are all stood in a circle.

JI: Okay, well James and I have decided that we should make a raft...

CHARLOTTE: How many people will fit on it?

JI: We decided about three or four. And I’d like to be one of them.

MELISSA: [tutting awkwardly] Three or four... how’re you gonna tell the camp?

JI: Well I figured that we could work out who gets on civilly.

JOSH: [smirking] Good luck.


Months later, it’s the end of Ji and Jong’s wedding. It’s a beautiful day outside a large Korean styled building. They’re both stood under a white wooden pagoda which is beside a large pond. They kiss to finish their ceremony and the audience claps. After they kiss, Ji looks into the audience and sees her adoptive mother and father clapping and crying happily. Jong then looks over to his half of the audience and sees two empty chairs, the chairs where his parents would’ve been sat. Despite knowing his parents didn’t accept his decision in marrying Ji, he turns back to her, smiles and kisses her again.

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