Blaine Barnes

Anya Carne

Heather Collins

James Dorrit

William Hall

Josh Jackson

Ji-Yun Jeong

Melissa Lee

Michelle McWilliams

Abigail Munson

Alex Parkinson

Charlotte Robinson

Darien Smith

Olivia Taylor

Samantha Walker

Special Guest Starring

Thomas Bull

Guest Stars

Ellie Donoghue

Nikki Fernandez


Ben Applegate

It’s the next day. At the Twin Station, Blaine and Heather are both sat in the room which they sleep in, the bright white room. They’re both silent for a moment. Heather looks around the room, bored and fed up, and then she looks at the door. She stands up and walks towards the door and she goes to open it.

BLAINE: We’re not supposed to open that, it’s not safe.

HEATHER: Don’t you think it’s a bit... weird? How they keep us locked up in here for most of the day and that we can’t remember anything.

BLAINE: Not anything.

HEATHER: Yeah, except for a fence and a house...

BLAINE: No, I mean I remembered something.

Heather looks at Blaine, intrigued.

BLAINE: I remember a group of people. We were in some sort of jungle. Most of them were armed.

HEATHER: That it?

Blaine nods.

Heather then starts crying loudly but with an angry face.

HEATHER: I have got to get out of here!

She then continues to cry.

BLAINE: Whoa, whoa, it’s okay. We’ll ask them about it later; see what they can do for us.

At the beach camp Anya is sat on her own in silence. She’s staring out at the sea looking quite worried. Suddenly, she hears a voice behind her.

JAMES: Oh my God!

Anya then looks behind her and she sees Charlotte rushing out of the jungle with Abigail in her arms. She’s unconscious and there’s blood coming from the back of her head. She runs to the centre of the camp with her and puts her on the make-shift dining table. Everyone at the camp gathers around.

JAMES: What happened?!

CHARLOTTE: We were attacked.

Anya walks closer to Abbie and she sees the blood on her head; she covers her mouth with shock.

JAMES: Where’re Samantha and Olivia?!

Charlotte shakes her head.

CHARLOTTE: I don’t know.

Suddenly, Alex rushes past the group and he approaches Abbie.

ALEX: [scared] Oh my God, is she okay?!

CHARLOTTE: I’m sure she’s fine. She’s just bumped her head.

Alex then holds Abbie’s unconscious head in his hands and he starts to stroke her hair comfortingly.

ALEX: [sad, kindly] Abbie? Abbie, can you hear me? Abbie, it’s me, Alex.

Suddenly, Abbie slowly moves her head and she groans quietly. She then starts to mutter.

ALEX: [to Charlotte] What’s she saying?

Charlotte shakes her head.

ALEX: [still stroking her hair] Abbie, Abbie, baby, what was that?

ABIGAIL: [mumbling very quietly, disorientated] M... Ma...Ma... Mathew... Where’s Mathew?

Suddenly, Alex’s heart sinks. His arms drop down his side and he looks at Abbie with shock. He then walks away from Abbie back to his tent, hurt. Anya watches as he walks away and she gives him a sad and caring look.

Later that day, Anya is slowly walking through the camp. Nobody else is out of their tents. She’s just on her own. As she walks in the peaceful silence, there is the sudden familiar sound of a man’s voice.

MAN: Anya.

Anya turns excitedly around to look at the man. She then sees at the tree line that Thomas is stood looking at her. He’s wearing a bright white top, brown trouser and no shoes. Anya smiles at him.

ANYA: [happily] I knew you’d come back.

THOMAS: Of course. I love you.

He then holds his hand out to Anya. She smiles and holds her hand out to reach his. She then steps closer and closer so she can hold his hand, however, when both their hands are about to touch, somebody else speaks.


Anya looks quickly at Darien, who is stood watching her, confused.

DARIEN: What are you doing?

Anya then turns her head to look back at Tom, but he’s gone. She then looks back at Darien innocently and she smiles.

ANYA: [lying terribly] Nothing, I... err, saw a spider... I was trying to grab it.

Darien looks around, puzzled and then he gives Anya an odd look.

DARIEN: [smiling] Alright then, I’ll see you later.

Anya nods at Darien and then she watches him walk away. When he’s gone, she sighs sadly.


It’s 1989 in Australia. A school bell rings. A sixteen year old Anya and a sixteen year old Nikki leave their classroom. They walk into their school’s cafeteria and then start to have their lunch.

ANYA: Did you see that new boy in class today? Apparently he’s an exchange student from England.

NIKKI: Yeah, wasn’t he called like, Ben Applegate or something.

They both giggle.

ANYA: Yeah, but he was pretty cute.

Nikki smiles.

ANYA: [slightly disappointed] No way, you do too?

NIKKI: [smiling] I think I might ask him out.

ANYA: I was gonna ask him out! Hey, I saw him first.

NIKKI: Well how about this? Instead of us too falling out over this guy, why don’t we agree that nobody asks him out? Deal?

ANYA: Err, yeah, sure.

They then smile friendlily at each other.

End of flashback

In the jungle, Josh and Michelle are both walking together. They’re both quiet, until Josh talks.

JOSH: It just doesn’t seem right. Why would Emma just leave? It seems too... coincidental.

MICHELLE: Well, we’ll see if they were telling the truth or not when we get back, won’t we?

JOSH: I’m just worried for her now... What if they’ve done something to her?

MICHELLE: Like Ellie?

JOSH: Or worse...

Suddenly, something on a leaf catches Michelle’s eye. She stops walking and looks curiously at it. As she examines it, she realises what it is.

JOSH: What is it?

Michelle gives a horrified look to Josh.


At the beach, Anya is on her own in her tent crying silently after seeing the manifestation of Thomas. Tears are rolling down her cheeks and she wipes them away. She then holds her head back and she looks up and she takes a deep breath. She then continues to sit on her own, trying to convince herself in her head that she is not crazy.

Meanwhile, in the jungle, Josh and Michelle are still looking at the blood.

MICHELLE: Maybe it’s just an animal’s?

JOSH: Maybe, but then again, maybe not.

MICHELLE: Well who would hurt someone enough to make them bleed?

Josh shrugs.

MICHELLE: You don’t think... the natives?

Suddenly, bushes behind them rustle. They look at them, scared. But suddenly, Samantha just casually walks out of them and walks past Michelle and Josh without even looking at them. Josh and Michelle give each other an odd look.

JOSH: Samantha? What’re you doing out here?

Samantha just continues to walk without looking at Josh or Michelle.

SAMANTHA: [bluntly] I don’t want to talk about it.


The sixteen year old Anya is at her locker, putting some of her books into it. As she’s putting them in, she hears Nikki talking in the distance. She peaks over and sees Nikki talking to Ben Applewhite. So Anya hides behind the door of her locker and listen to Nikki.

NIKKI: Hi, I’m Nikki.

BEN: [English accent] Hello, I’m Ben.

NIKKI: [smiling] I couldn’t help but notice how good you were in Chemistry today, and I’ve been finding Chemistry quite hard. So I was wondering if you’d like to come around to my house sometime this week and maybe tutor me.

BEN: Of course, I’d be delighted.

NIKKI: [smiling] Great. [she hands him a note with her address on it] Be at mine by seven tonight.

She then starts to walk away happily, but then she quickly turns to Ben.

NIKKI: Oh, and if you talk to a girl called Anya, don’t tell her about this, okay?

BEN: Why not?

NIKKI: [smiling] Oh, it’s just... it’s nothing.

She then walks away happily. Anya continues to hide behind her locker until she’s gone. When Nikki has gone, Anya comes out from behind her locker.

ANYA: [whispering to herself] That bitch.

End of flashback

Later on, Anya is by herself again. She’s sadly strolling along the tree line of the jungle. As she’s walking, she hears a noise coming from the jungle, a ticking sound. She looks and sees Thomas stood, looking at her. She tries to ignore him, knowing he isn’t really there, so she starts to walk away. However, Thomas slowly walks alongside her from a distance until she is forced to close her eyes shut tightly.

ANYA: [angry, sad] You’re not real. You’re not real. One, two, three, four, five!

She then opens her eyes again, but Thomas is still there. She starts to become anxious and worried.

ANYA: What do you want?!

Thomas doesn’t speak; he just holds his hand out and wiggles his finger in a movement, indicating he wants her to follow him. He then slowly walks away into the jungle. Anya looks around to see if anyone is looking and then she reluctantly follows him. After following Thomas for quite a while, Anya finds herself very deep in the jungle. She then looks around to try and find Thomas, but she cannot find him.

ANYA: Hey! Where are you?!

There’s no reply.

ANYA: Where are you?!

Anya looks around for a few minutes, but she still can’t find him. She then gets deeper and deeper into the jungle until suddenly, she slips over a log on the floor and she rolls down a hill. When she reaches the end of the hill, it leads to a cliff, she nearly falls off the edge of the cliff (which leads down to a dried river) but she grabs onto some vines. She hangs on for her life for a few minutes and she kicks about to get herself back up. She then slowly starts to slip further and further down the vines as she loses her grip. As she’s about to let go of the vines somebody’s hand lowers down for her to reach. She sighs with relief and then she grabs the hand, which pulls her up to safety. When she’s off the edge of the cliff, she sees her saviour was Darien.

A little while later, back at the beach camp, Darien and Anya are both sat in a tent. Anya has a blanket wrapped around her and she’s drinking a warm drink.

DARIEN: [calmly] So what were you doing out there?

ANYA: [chuckling awkwardly] If I told you, you’d think I’m crazy.

DARIEN: Try me.

ANYA: Well, I keep thinking I can see Tom.

DARIEN: Tom? As in the guy that shot you, Tom?

Anya nods.

ANYA: I just haven’t been able to get him out of my head. I don’t know what’s wrong with me!

DARIEN: You loved him.

ANYA: What?

DARIEN: You loved him, and he betrayed you. I get that.

ANYA: Really?

DARIEN: Yeah. When my sister did... well... when I thought she did something... unforgivable, I couldn’t get her out of my head, it was driving me insane. Trick is, you just gotta learn to let go.

ANYA: So how did you?

DARIEN: Truth is, I never really did. Letting go isn’t really one of my strong suits.

It’s night time. At the beach camp Charlotte, James, Ellie, Anya and Darien are sat around a fire. They’re all silent as they’re worried about Olivia.

CHARLOTTE: [worried] They’re still not back yet.

JAMES: We can see that.

Anya and Darien give James an angry look.

JAMES: [to Charlotte] Sorry. I know you’re worried about them.

DARIEN: What about this? We wait until Josh and Michelle get back and then we can go looking for them? Okay?

ANYA: [looking at the tree line] Speak of the devil.

The rest turn to see Josh, Michelle and Samantha emerging from the jungle. Charlotte gets up quickly and hugs Josh. Micelle stops and then is greeted by James, Anya and Darien. But Samantha just walks past them and she walks to her tent without even looking at the other survivors. Josh then gives Charlotte an odd look.

JOSH: What the hell has happened?

CHARLOTTE: [worried] Isn’t Olivia with you?

JOSH: No... What’s going on?

Charlotte reluctantly takes Josh and Michelle away to tell them that Olivia had been attacked and taken by the Smoke Monster.

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