For those of you who don't know about Ocie14 and Heyjude614, this blog is for you. So I've only made this blog for the people who haven't heard so there won't be lots of people asking later on. Anyway, as most of you know, Heyjude614 has been blocked forever because of her stupid blogs. But... strangely Ocie14 has disappeared from lostpedia too. Why, you ask? Well most people seem to think that they're the same person. Because Heyjude's IP address was blocked, so that means if they're the same person, then Ocie14's IP address also got blocked.

My theory

I now think the same as most people, that they're the same person on different accounts. Mainly because they both have been blocked together, and because on Heyjude614's wiki, Ocie14 announced that she was leaving for a while, and strangely Heyjude614 also left at the same time.


What would her motif be you ask? Well Ocie14 continuously complained on numerous occasions that her fan fiction never had any followers, and that it was stupid, pointless, horrible etc... So then Ocie14 thinks she's had enough, and she creates Heyjude614. Heyjude already stated that Ocie14 wrote the fan fiction, but why wouldn't Ocie just do it on her account?? So she made the Heyjude account post it, so Ocie (One of its 1 out of 3 fans) could comment on it, and make it seem popular and so more people would read it. AKA Attention.

Black man

If you're wondering what the 'black man' part in the name means, I'll explain. I searched Ocie14 on google to see who this person really is, Erika or Georgia. Shockingly, I didn't find an Erika or Georgia, instead, I found an account on something, with Ocie14's account name, and a picture of a black man. Ocie14 isn't your common user name, so I am highly positive that this black man is Ocie and Heyjude, posing as a female, possibly to get more attention to his fan fiction. (Maybe people are more nice to girls, so they'd read it. I dunno)

But there ya' go. Any questions you have, I will answer.


  • Ocie14 admitted to sharing an account with Heyjude614.
  • When Heyjude614's IP adress got blocked, so did Ocie14's.
  • Both their names end in 14.
  • Heyjude614 admitted that Ocie14 goes on the Heyjude614 account to write the fan fiction.
  • On Ocie's fanpop page, she likes the beatles. Heyjude614 likes The Beatles.
  • They're both American and female.
  • When Ocie14 annoucned her departure on another wikia, Heyjude also stopped commenting and editing too.
  • They're usually online at the same time.
  • Ocie14 made an unsuccessful fan fiction. Heyjude made a fan fiction which Ocie comments on.
  • Ocie14 likes all the people Heyjude hates. Such as Charlie. Makes it the more obvious, don't ya think?

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