Nowadays, the only thing we seem to be debating on lostpedia is the question, 'Did Desmond allow Charlie to die in the Looking Glass, or not?' It seems that we keep, in multiple blogs, debating this over and over. We have now all clearly heard everyone's opinions on the subject, probably 10 times too many times. So how about we pick something else to debate and talk about instead of Desmond and Charlie.

Possible debates:

  • MiB, horrible, vicious, cold-blooded killer? Or just a fool like Ben?
  • Was everyone that was supposed to die, destined to die at the time they did? Or could they control their own future and change it?

(I can't think of anything now :P Hmmm)

  • (Even though this has been debated quite a bit) Kwon - 42... Jin or Sun?
  • Was the Mother the black smoke before MiB, or did she have a nemesis just like Jacob. If so, was that the person who appeared to MiB as a child in Claudia's form? Which eventually made MiB leave Jacob and Mother, and then eventually become evil.

I suggest we start with the first debate. MiB, Good or Bad?

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