I know this is another one of them pointless blogs, so I'm just gonna try and fit loads of stuff into this blog, so I don't have to make hundreds more blogs.

So, to start, if any of you are interested in reading my fan fiction, Split - about survivors of Oceanic 815 who were split from everyone else on another part of the island, then I will post some links to the episodes :)

So, Season 1 main characters:

  • Josh Jackson
  • Charlotte Robinson
  • Anya Carne
  • Samantha Walker
  • William Hall
  • Michelle McWilliams
  • Elliot Walker
  • Melissa Lee
  • Emma Carlson
  • Abbie Munson
  • Hassan Bahar
  • Olivia Taylor
  • Thomas Bull
  • Darien Smith
  • James Dorrit
  • Alex Parkinson
Split Logo


Season One

Ep. # Title Centric Character Release Date
1.01 "A New Beginning, Part 1" Josh August 26, 2010
1.02 "A New Beginning, Part 2" Charlotte, Samantha & Elliot August 26, 2010
1.03 "Say Goodbye" Samantha & Elliot September 2, 2010
1.04 "Intruder Alert" Anya September 15, 2010
1.05 "Man in Black" Josh September 29, 2010
1.06 "Run Away, Run Away" Olivia October 7, 2010
1.07 "Blame" Charlotte October 10, 2010
1.08 "Crazy People" Darien October 19, 2010
1.09 "I Spy With My Little Eye" William October 22, 2010
1.10 "Leave Me Alone" Alex October 31, 2010

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Also, I might not post an episode for about 1 1/2 weeks while I sort out my wikia for my fan fic, but I will post it ASAP :)

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