Okay, I've been doing Law for ages and I just wanted to try a trial out on Michael, it seems to fun :D


Anyway - If Michael was arrested for the murder of Ana and Libby, I wonder what sentence her would get ;) I wanna decide one. Let's see. Firstly, he's arrested for murder, let's look at the mitigating and aggravating factors.

Mitigating factors:

  • He did it to save his son.
  • He eventually showed remorse for his actions.

Aggravating factors:

  • He lied about it and tried to cover up his murders.
  • The fact that it was two defenceless women is an aggravating factor.
  • It was a premeditated crime, so he planned it. And he also admitted he would have killed again to cover it up.

So, let's say when we arrested him, he pleaded not guilty! Another aggravating factor ;)

Now, because it's murder it's gonna be a custodial sentence. But how long should he spend in jail. I would say he should spend at least 30 :) And once he is released, he has to be put on license, so he has to have check ups and everything, he can't go anywhere.... He is basically trapped.

Mwahahahahahaah enjoy your 30 years in prison bitch.

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