1. Who is your favourite character? Juliet Burke

2. Who is your least favourite character? Michael Dawson

3. What is your favourite episode? The End

4. What is your least favourite episode? Adrift

5. What is your favourite season? Season 2

6. What is your least favourite season? Season 4

7. Which character would you like to hang out with? Juliet Burke

8. Which character would you NOT want to hang out with? Michael Dawson

9. Which character do you look most like? Charlie Pace

10. Which character do you act the most like? Boone Carlyle

11. Which character would you -- Snog? Marry? Avoid? Snog - Claire Littleton | Marry - Juliet Burke | Avoid - Michael Dawson

12. What is your favourite island location? The DHARMA Barracks

13. What is your favourite scene in lost? When Sun heals Shannon's asthma attack

14. What is your least favourite scene in lost? 'Looks like someone got their voice back'

15. Kill which character personally? Michael Dawson

16. Who has the best flashbacks? Kate Austen

17. Who has the worst flashbacks? Michael Dawson

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