Do ya think Jacob was jealous?

Do ya think Jacob was jealous so he made it that all the losties didn't have relationships with their dads, cos he never had one? They all seemed to have fine relationships with their mums.

Jack - Didn't have a relationship with Christian.

Hurley - Dad missing for years.

Kate - Was abused by him.

Claire - Never saw Christian.

Sun - I doubt he was a nice dad.

Miles - Never knew his dad.

Daniel - Never knew his dad.

Sawyer - Dad dead.

Ben - Dad blamed him for Emily's death.

Jin - Jin's dad might not even BE his dad.

Walt - Never met Michael for years.

Charlotte - Never knew her dad.

Charlie - Dad didn't want Charlie to follow his dreams. (Musical)

Perhaps the recurring theme it shouldn't be 'Parent Issues' perhaps it should be 'Daddy Issues'.

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