Right, I've done tonnes of blogs on these, favourite character, worst character, favourite episode etc... So I'm gonna do one for the best deaths :)


Okay, you can vote the deaths on anything which you feel makes them the best. E.g.

  • Sadness
  • Scariness
  • Music Played During Death

P.S. Sun and Jin's count as one. Ana Lucia and Libby's count as one. Nikki and Paulo's count as one :)

etc... So pick your TWO favourite deaths :)

I'll start mine are:

Sun and Jin because it was sad :( :(!!! And the music was sad!!!

Juliet's death (Same reason)

Runner ups - Nikki and Paulo cos of the scariness and the music. Jack (Same as Sun and Juliet and Jin)


  • Jack Shephard - 4
  • Juliet Burke - 4
  • Charlie Pace - 3
  • Sun Kwon & Jin Kwon - 3
  • Ana Lucia Cortez & Libby Smith - 2
  • Nikki Fernandez and Paulo - 2
  • Alex Rousseau - 1

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