Today i watched the last 5 eps of season 5 again, and what i notice is alot of things tie in with the mysterious enemy of jacob in the finale and the smoke monster.

In the finale, the MIB (man in black) refers to the humans coming that they will "fight, corrupt and destroy", he very much doesnt want humans on the island, whereas jacob believes they are worthy. However throughout the series (pilot, episodes with the french people in season 5, and ben using the monster to attack the commando's) shows the monster is keen (to say the least) in putting people off coming to the island, and it is referred to as a defence mechanism throughout. Also, we know by the end that the MIB is controlling locke, when ben goes to be "judged" locke leaves to find something to get him up, then returns after? Coincidence? It would be an easy way for the man to manipulate Ben to his will in killing Jacob, which he doesnt seem to be able to do (the lupole he refers to)...

theres alot of gaps but with lost its completely possible

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