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October 29, 2009
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    October 30, 2009 by Luke 16

    I read somewhere a while back that in the 6th series the writers were going to let flashforwards and flashbacks lie and move onto something different...

    Could when the bomb goes off and resets time they are at the same place as the Sun and Lepidus line, but in a different place? And as Jack is on one side and locke on the other and it has been confirmed that Locke and Jack "come to a head" this could be the 2 sides in the war, shown by flashsidewords.

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    We all know they both came back from the dead...

    In "The Incident" you see the 2 sides to the war? Jacob and MIB...Locke is obv then controlled by MIB, so could christian be the good guy, controlled by jacob? it does make sense as he has helped Sun, Jack, Claire and others and in jacobs flashbacks he does help the main cast in lil and big ways. And the obvious idea of him being called Christian and the constant religious connotations throughout lost he could easily be the good guy in this battle between Jacob and MIB

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    Today i watched the last 5 eps of season 5 again, and what i notice is alot of things tie in with the mysterious enemy of jacob in the finale and the smoke monster.

    In the finale, the MIB (man in black) refers to the humans coming that they will "fight, corrupt and destroy", he very much doesnt want humans on the island, whereas jacob believes they are worthy. However throughout the series (pilot, episodes with the french people in season 5, and ben using the monster to attack the commando's) shows the monster is keen (to say the least) in putting people off coming to the island, and it is referred to as a defence mechanism throughout. Also, we know by the end that the MIB is controlling locke, when ben goes to be "judged" locke leaves to f…

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