• Luckylucy

    okay, just a couple of things i wish had been fully addressed.

    1. jin and the panda, ive only seen most of the series once but i wonder if anyone can clear this up for me, i remember sun being in the hospital and at this point we think Jin is dead, and he visits another woman with a panda, whats with that?

    2. The supply drop always intrigued me, real - the whole of dharma amazed me. but who did it, and why!

    3. when the rest of the origional survivors moved on, why didn't Daniel, Charlotte and Miles not go as well, and why was Penny there? she had never even visited the island!

    im sure there are loads more too..

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  • Luckylucy

    Parallel Island.

    May 23, 2010 by Luckylucy

    okay, this is pretty brief, to get it out here before the finale starts. i had a thought today about parallel universes and sightings of things which arent really there.

    Hurley is 'able' to see people who have died, right? but what if he is only more suceptible to seeing things from other worlds.

    so imagine our collective conciousness as a bubble, then imagine another identicle bubble. the bubles could theoretically collide at points, and can travel different speeds, so imagine that if these bubbles touched, whoever was at this point of contact could see to the other side and could see what is commonly percieved as 'ghosts'. (i know, farfetched!) so if Hurley is only more able to see this from the other side could this also be said for peopl…

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  • Luckylucy

    underwater island?

    February 7, 2010 by Luckylucy

    okay, first blog so if things are a bit 'iffy' please bear with me :)

    ive been thinking about the underwater island for some time and i keep wondering what year the new dimension of the surviors is occuring. if it is 2004, then they have some continuity problems haha. or, if it is occuring im our time, could the island being (apparently) out of use and underwater be an effect of the coming 'war'?

    im not too sure of the years and stuff (so if someone could correct me on that part it would be great), but if this second dimention is happening at a more recent time, the island could have been destroyed.

    and since it has lost its main protector (jacob), this seem more plausible.

    thank you for going with my ramblings! :)

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