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March 24, 2009
  • LovinLost

    The Loophole

    June 18, 2009 by LovinLost

    Could the "loophole" used by the Nemesis be his ability to use Locke's likeness despite the fact that his body was NOT used? Do we assume that every time a dead person is used it's via the "undead" theory, the person dies but since he/she is not buried can be used by the island gods to appear to others and cause some form of manipulation. Do we assume that they actually USE the bodies or only the likeness of the bodies?

    If so, what is the big deal about Locke actually being dead. We knew he was killed when Ben strangled him so we must assume that the Nemesis was NOT using his body but only his likeness to convince Ben and others to follow him. So when we saw Locke's dead body why were we so amazed? It made me think that we have been foo…

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  • LovinLost

    They all died

    May 7, 2009 by LovinLost

    When Sun shows Richard Alpert the picture and asks have you ever seen these people? He responds with Yes, I remember them very well because I wathced them all die. Wouldn't this be a HUGE hint that Jughead does get detonated?

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  • LovinLost

    What actually caused the current situation? Was it when Desmond told Charlie he had to die in the Looking Glass that caused the island to be discovered by the freighter? Was it the looking glass that kept the island from being discovered in the first place? If so, then it was Desmond's premonition of Charlie having to die that started the whole chain of event's we are now grappling with. Had the island stayed hidden, the freighter never would have landed, the O6 would not have left, the island would not have had to be moved by the turning of the FDW, Locke would not have had to die, etc. etc. Could this all be about course correction from the beginning?

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  • LovinLost

    NO changing the PAST

    April 7, 2009 by LovinLost

    I need to put up my first post because I'm still confused about the time travel thing and whatever happened, happened idea.

    Does this mean that the 1974 that originally occured in 1974 before the time travel occurred DID NOT contain the Losties. Could it be that it is more like time happening twice? The first time with just the DI and no Losties there and now that the Losties travelled back in time they are in 1974 for the FIRST time.

    This is how I'm understanding what's happening, am I wrong?

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