1. The Season 3 DVD emits a small, subliminal noise during Through the Looking Glass that causes you to fall asleep halfway through the episode so that when you wake up you have to go back.

2. All new episode commentary from Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse, most of which consists of the phrase “Oh &%#@ we forgot about that.”

3. If you play the DVD on your PS3, you can import characters from your most beloved PS3 games as skins for your favorite characters. Imagine how different your LOST experience would be if Nathan Drake, Solid Snake, and Kratos were among the survivors of Flight 815.

4. Sneak peek at the yet unannounced Season 7 premiere episode, LA W. It’s like the Flash-Sideways Timeline, but Walt is still important. That’s right – it’s the Walternate Timeline.

5. The Season 5 DVD is actually a Beta Max tape.

6. A first-ever look at certain deleted scenes, such as Hurley and Libby’s sex scene, Mr. Eko fighting the Smoke Monster and winning, and Sayid’s reaction to “2 Girls 1 Cup”.

7. Behind the scenes footage of Terry O’Quinn rapping.

8. Two words – Jackface montage.

9. A bonus DVD that contains a choose-your-own adventure game. You play as one of the background characters, spanning all the way from the plane crash to inexplicably getting shot in the chest with a flaming arrow.

10. An Easter Egg on the Season 2 DVD courtesy of J.J. Abrams actually lets everyone know what the Super 8 trailer actually is.

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