This Wednesday (aka like 5 minutes ago), Michael Emerson appeared in an interview on G4's Attack of the Show. During his interview, he talked about the finale. He said that he's now looking forward to giving people answers about the show now that it's over. He also said that the finale, specifically the nature of the Flash-Sideways, could be interpreted as anything the audience wanted it to.

However, the most interesting thing he said was about the Season 6 DVD. He said that it would contain an extra scene that served as "the epilogue to the show" that "bridged the gap between Hurley becoming the protector of the Island" and the end of the episode.

So yeah. Feel free to post about your own theories as to what this "epilogue" may be. Personally, I hope that it's Hurley and Ben collecting Jack's body and giving it a proper burial, and maybe visiting Rose and Bernard and let them know what just happened. Maybe something with the Man in Black's remains as well. I also think that Desmond's future would be brought up.

Then again, maybe my idea for "The Sexy Adventures of Hugo Reyes" might be right.


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