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    This Wednesday (aka like 5 minutes ago), Michael Emerson appeared in an interview on G4's Attack of the Show. During his interview, he talked about the finale. He said that he's now looking forward to giving people answers about the show now that it's over. He also said that the finale, specifically the nature of the Flash-Sideways, could be interpreted as anything the audience wanted it to.

    However, the most interesting thing he said was about the Season 6 DVD. He said that it would contain an extra scene that served as "the epilogue to the show" that "bridged the gap between Hurley becoming the protector of the Island" and the end of the episode.

    So yeah. Feel free to post about your own theories as to what this "epilogue" may be. Pe…

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    Really, who the hell finished the donkey wheel? The well it was in was filled in with earth. Who dug it up?

    Actually, here's my thoughts on the subject:

    Initially, I thought that the wheel was tied to DHARMA. They found the well, went down it, saw the wheel, and someone (probably Radzinsky) said "WHAT THE F*** DOES THIS DO????" Realizing that tampering with any ruins would get them killed by the Hostiles (and after tonight's episode, it's kind of obvious that keeping DHARMA away from using the wheel was probably the whole reason that was part of the truce), they built a station over it. The fact that it was buried might be a damn good excuse for pretending to not knowing it was there. Anyway, they build a station over it, and, realizin…

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  • LoveWaffle

    1. The Season 3 DVD emits a small, subliminal noise during Through the Looking Glass that causes you to fall asleep halfway through the episode so that when you wake up you have to go back.

    2. All new episode commentary from Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse, most of which consists of the phrase “Oh &%#@ we forgot about that.”

    3. If you play the DVD on your PS3, you can import characters from your most beloved PS3 games as skins for your favorite characters. Imagine how different your LOST experience would be if Nathan Drake, Solid Snake, and Kratos were among the survivors of Flight 815.

    4. Sneak peek at the yet unannounced Season 7 premiere episode, LA W. It’s like the Flash-Sideways Timeline, but Walt is still important. That’s right – it’…

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