1.To find out who Jacob is

2.To find out if Jacob is truly dead, because death really doesn't mean anything on the Island (who needs death when you have destiny?) 3.To find out who the "man in black" is, and why his fashion sense is so different from Jacob's

4.To find out whether the "woman scorned" Juliet really blew up an island in her anger To see whether Jack Shephard will ever calm down

5.Adam And Eve

6.Because everyone's "I believe's" might actually resurrect dearly missed Charlie Pace from the grave 7.After Charlie's resurrection, he might be reunited with the petite Claire and the…well, Hurley

7.To find out if Locke/Flocke/Wheels is ever going to explain himself

8.To watch the lying, scheming, conniving, and diabolical Benjamin Linus lie, scheme, connive, and…diabol

9.Smoke Monster

10.Because there ain't no hype machine like a LOST hype machine

11.If you don't watch LOST season 6, the smoke monster will come out from under your bed to judge you

12.If you don't watch it, and the season ends, you'll find yourself screaming "we have to go back!"

13.Because the great Egyptian fertility god Taweret will make your wife barren if you don't watch season 6 of LOST

14.To watch a full-grown Walt pretend to be a small child again (oh the memories)

15.Because Jacob visited you when you were a child and gave you that nice lunchbox, and you should do something nice for him in return

16.Just to see if Carlton and Damon bring Ana Lucia back to LOST (a move that might elicit a few frustrated screams of pain)

17.Because Libby "may" just be lurking around the next corner, and with a different hair color to boot

18.Claire's pregnant again…this time with Charlie's baby (if this kind of speculation doesn't make you watch, nothing will)

19.To see if Locke's faith pays off

20.To see if Jack's faith can stand up

21.4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

22.Because Sayid Jarrah never REALLY got his girl

23.To see Maggie Grace come back to Sayid after Boone Carlyle comes back to find her…another love triangle. Add Nadia to the mix, and you've got a love quadrangle (which we know LOST is so fond of)

24.To play a little backgammon with Walt and Locke

25.Because everyone needs an imaginary friend like Dave

26.Because polar bear coats are the wave of the future…just avoid protesters with paint 27

27.Because Charlotte Lewis has the cutest bloody nose we've ever seen

28.Because we all want to see a rematch between Mr. Eko and Smokey the Monster, this time with all of Eko's super-drug-dealer-priest skillz

29.Because Desmond Hume and Penny Widmore are still awaiting their real "happily ever after"

30.Because like the roads to Rome, all currents lead back to the Island (you're already swept up in it)

31.Because the Dharma Initiative is watching you from the Pearl station, and their test is to see if you watch…and Mikhail is the test administrator

32.Because if you don't watch, Ethan will hang you from a tree (ahh, the good old times)

33.Because you never can be sure who will rise again from the grave (I hear your great grandmother is in the season 6 cast)

34.Jacob sent me a vision that you would watch season 6 while I was visioning it up last night in my sweat lodge 35.Because Sawyer stole the keys to your car, and you won't get them back unless you watch

36.Because you just got that huge HDTV for Christmas, and the Island is calling you through it

37.Sun's little girl and Claire's little boy are going to get married. It'll be a

38.beautiful ceremony, with flowers, tiki torches, and a view on a beach.

39.Because no matter what family issues you may have, your mom's not Eloise Hawking and your dad's not Anthony Cooper

40.Because Hurley is going to pick your winning lotto numbers in the series finale

41.Because LOST is the best show on television, and with this being the last season, it is your last opportunity to enjoy LOST as it happen

42.The End the Begining and Middle

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