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    4-a tale of two cities

    5-the man behind the curtain

    6-through the looking glass

    7-the constant


    9-life and death of jermay bentam

    10-the incident

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    The long Con and season 6

    January 13, 2010 by Losxer

    about two hours ago i was watching the long con in season 2 and around the end when syaid and hurley are on the beach and they hear a muisc or show heres their convo and what do you think about it

    syaid-it can pick up signals from thousands of miles away it could be anywhere

    hurley-or anytime

    they look at each other syaid kinda madish hurley smiles then says sorry dude

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    January 8, 2010 by Losxer

    So heres a thought what if its oppiste what if Jacob is really the bad one? it could happen and MIB is really the good guy that would change everyones thoughts on it all

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    1.To find out who Jacob is

    2.To find out if Jacob is truly dead, because death really doesn't mean anything on the Island (who needs death when you have destiny?) 3.To find out who the "man in black" is, and why his fashion sense is so different from Jacob's

    4.To find out whether the "woman scorned" Juliet really blew up an island in her anger To see whether Jack Shephard will ever calm down

    5.Adam And Eve

    6.Because everyone's "I believe's" might actually resurrect dearly missed Charlie Pace from the grave 7.After Charlie's resurrection, he might be reunited with the petite Claire and the…well, Hurley

    7.To find out if Locke/Flocke/Wheels is ever going to explain himself

    8.To watch the lying, scheming, conniving, and diabolical Benjamin Linus…

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    The First Of Last

    December 16, 2009 by Losxer

    so what do ya'll think whole last season will be about what will happen? who will die? who will live? whats the war? whos jacobs enamy? why did clarie leave?and any other questions... so letss talk LOST SEASON 6

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