Desmond hit Locke with his car. I have been thinking the reason. Well, It might be a revenge. Or maybe Locke is no more paralised now. Another reason came to my mind is that Desmond hit Locke because Locke is supposed to meet with Jack Shepard in the FST. What's gonna happen if they remember the Island Timeline? And what if John Remembers and decides to come back to the island in the FST ? Will they try to change their lifes ? Okay. Locke will want to go back to the island. Claire won't, coz she will want to be with Aaron. Kate will wanna go back, so will Sawyer. Desmond will want, because he must go to te island and push the button to meet his kid again. Sayid will want because he killed Keamy's men and he must run away. The actual question is when would they arrive to the island if they try again. Will they go to the ancient time ? Will they build all the ancient stuff on the island ? I would love to hear but 5 episodes left and I do not think this is gonna happen. I think Lost should have been 8 season.

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