We know that Richard used to take the orders directly from Jacob. At the beginning of season 5, after Locke got shot on his knee by Ethan, Richard came and told Locke that He was gonna have to die to bring O6 back. Well, in this case we easily understand that this was Jacob's plan. But, what is the conclusion of Locke's death????? It caused MIB taking Locke's form. So How come Jacob caused such a silly thing?? Absulately there is something wrong here. Stay with me ! Christian told Locke the same "you are gonna have to die" So Christian and Jacob are on the same side. A question here: When did the thing in the cabin escape from there? Answer: just before Ilanna's team come there. Okay, when Locke visited the cabin he met Christian and Claire. If that was MIB and now MIB is stuck in Locke's body, then It means we can not see Christian on the island again. Because MIB can not be in Christian's form while he is in form of Locke. I am right. But what will we think if we see Christian again ? Then there will be 2 possibilites 1-Christian is NOT dead 2-Jacob can jump from form to form. OR THERE IS ONE SINGLE SIDE ON THE ISLAND WHICH ABOVE ALL OF THEM. And also it manipulates both MIB and JACOB.And that mind is the one who wrote the RULES. I must think this because when I pay attention on important decisions made on the island, I can not always see certain proofs which can lead me into TWO sides.

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