Season 7 Episode 4 ( ALL THE PAINS WILL STOP )

(Shot of Jack drinking whisky in his room in Saint Sebastian Hospital. He is exteremly drunk. The phone rings)

JACK: Hello

NURSE: The operation room is ready Dr.Shephard. We are waiting for you.

JACK: Okay. I am coming.

(Jack takes one more gulp. He stumbles. Wears his uniform)

(In the operation room. Jack can’t control his sight. He prepares to cut the tumor. He gathers his strenght. Starts to count)

JACK: One, two, three, four..

VOICE: Stop. You can’t do that.

JACK: Who are you?

VOICE: I was supposed to be here 30 minutes ago but I am late. I will do the rest.

JACK: No. I can do this.

VOICE: No Jack. You can’t. And you know what I mean.

(Jack takes a step back. Other doctor comes to the desk. We see the patient is John Locke)

(We see Aajira group are walking in the jungle)

LAPIDUS: How much further Kate?

KATE: Two hours later we’ll be at the beach.

LAPIDUS: We don’t have any supplies.

RICHARD: Don’t worry about it. Once we arrive at the beach, then we will bring supplies from the Barracks.

(They hear a dog barking. Then Vincent comes to the screen)

KATE: Hey Vincent. Come here boy. (cares Vincent)

DESMOND: What is he doing out here ?

BERNARD: Coz we are here.

DESMOND: I forgot. You two were here. Glad to see you again.

ROSE(To Kate): Has it all stopped ?

KATE: Yes. Stopped.

(Rose and Claire hug)

ROSE: How are you honey ?

CLAIRE: Fine Rose. Thanks. I am happy to see you again.

ROSE: Me too.

BERNARD: So where you heading ?

LAPIDUS: To the beach to figure if any of our friends is alive.

KATE: Rose. I think you should not live here alone. Come with us.

ROSE: No Kate. We are used to live here. You can always come and visit us. We are always with you.

KATE: Thanks. All right. We keep moving.

(On the beach we see Jack is taking care of Sun. She is sleeping. Her face looks not so bad.)

JIN: When will she wake up ?

JACK: Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. I don’t exactly know. But she will be okay.

JIN: Thank you Jack. I think I should turn back to my actual work.

(He grabs the net. And smiles Jack)

HURLEY(To Jin): Jiin. Dude wait. I will come with you.

JIN: Okay.

HURLEY: You know, I really miss this.

(Sayid and Ben are sitting on the sand)

SAYID: Any electronic equipment may help me to get the communication, Ben.

BEN: The best equipment is under water right now. If I hadn’t ordered Mikhail to blow up the looking glass, then we would have spoken to any place in the world.


BEN: We don’t have a submarine, a plane, and even the Wheel. So we are both in the same position with yours when you first crashed here.

SAYID(gets angry): Perfect !!

BEN: But the good news is that our comun is getting crowded again.

SAYID: What do you mean by that ?

(Ben points somewhere. Sayid turns his head and sees that Aajira passangers are coming)

(Sayid and Ben get up. Jack gets out of the tent and smiles. Shot of Sun sleeping. Hurley throws the fish that he is holding and starts to run. Jin follows him. They hug each other. Ben seems happy to see Richard. So is Richard. Jack hugs and puts Claire’s head on his chest. Desmond shakes hand with Jin. Shot of John Locke smilling happily at the far corner of the beach, among the bushes)

(Shot of bearded Jack is at home drinking and crying. He calls someone but nobody answer. He tries another number. A male voice answers)

VOICE: Why the hell do you keep calling my wife, you son of a bitch !

JACK: You stole my wife. I fixed her, I saved her. She is mine. She will come back to me.

VOICE: Nobody comes back to you, you idiot. You are sodding drunk.

JACK: I want to speak to you face to face.

VOICE: You wanna die?

JACK: Yeah.

VOICE: Okay. Come over to my house and I will show you.

JACK: Okay. I will come.

(He closed the phone. Jack hardly stands up, goes to the bathroom, looks at himself in the mirror and starts to cry. Someone knocks the door. Jack washes his face and opens the door. Jack looks at the man. He doesn’t believe his eyes.)

JACK: I’ve drunk the whole day. It’s middle of the night now. And I know this is not real.

( In the jungle Miles, Sawyer and Annie are walking )

SAWYER: So we will go directly to home in our time ?

ANNIE: Yes. But you may not wake up in your country. You may be anywhere in the world.

MILES: Pray not to wake up in the South Pole

SAWYER: What are we gonna do for this?

(They have arrived at the orchid)

ANNIE: We are here. The elevator is for maximum two persons.

MILES(whispering): This can be a trap. If we go down there together..

SAWYER: She and me first. I would not let her go down with you.

MILES: What ? You know her for 10 hours and you protect her from me ! Perfect.

SAWYER: Hey. Take it easy, sparky. I am trying to protect you. I’ll go with her. All right let’s go sweetheart.

LOCKE: It’s useless

SAWYER: What the hell are you doing here you son of a bitch !

LOCKE: I am trying to save you James. The Wheel isn’t in its place

ANNIE: Who is he ?

MILES: He is the one who messed up all the things.

LOCKE: No Miles. I am not that.

(Annie gets in the elevator)

SAWYER: Now you’re kidding, right.

(Locke takes his knife out, walks to Sawyer. Locke gives his knife to Sawyer)

LOCKE: You can try and see if I am lying to you. You can even cut me into pieces. But once you use it you can not change anything. Because we have only one more chance. Not two.

MILES: He’s lying.

LOCKE(to Miles) It seems you’ve forgotten the taste of the grenade that I put your mouth.

(Miles looks scared)

SAWYER: Let’s say you are right. Let’s say you are our great friend John Locke. What’s gonna change as long as we stay on this island ?

LOCKE: You are wrong James. This time it’s different.

(Annie gets out of the elevator)

ANNIE: (pointing the rifle) Where the hell did you take the wheel to, you bastard?

LOCKE: Hey hey. Calm down. I did not take anything. But I have knowledge about it. We must do it under someone’s observation.


LOCKE: Can’t tell now. Coz it’s not time yet. But believe me James, If we do it in the way I told you, everything’s gonna be allright for every one of us.

SAWYER: What if we don’t.

LOCKE: Then that’s your choice. But I will not part of that mistake.

SAWYER(Seems convinced): Damn it ! Allright. What are we gonna do.

MILES: We will listen to him ?

SAWYER: You got a better idea ? What are you gonna do ? Start looking for that Wheel on the island ?

LOCKE: Go to the beach camp. Best for you. You will thank me for this.

MILES: Are you coming with us ?

LOCKE: Sure.

(They start walking)

(Jack, Hurley and Kate are in the caves. Hurley fills the bottles. Jack looks at the broken coffin. And he realises that a big bird is on a branch looking at him. He starts to walk to the bird. He gets closer. Then the birds flies away. When he turns back, he sees something among the bushes. He walks and sees a white sneaker on a corpse. Jack finally sees that he is his father. He hugs the corpse and cries. Kate watches him quietly. Jack sees Kate)

JACK(crying): My dad

KATE: I am sorry Jack.

(We see water team arrive at the beach. Jack carries Christian on his shoulder. People on the beach gather. Sun opens her eyes and gets out of the tent. Jin runs and helps her. Shot of Sayid and Jack dig the grave. Claire cries. Scene changes to the night time. People sit around the fire. Jack and Claire are sitting next to the grave )

(Sawyer, Locke, Miles and Annie are walking in the dark)

LOCKE: We have about an hour.

SAWYER: I hope you can convince them before you get killed.

LOCKE: I hope so.

ANNIE: Is there anybody from the Dharma?


ANNIE: Who is that ?

LOCKE: His name is Benjamin Linus.

MILES: Is he alive ?

LOCKE: With a broken arm, yes He is alive. He is the last person on this island who can be killed.

SAWYER: is this something about the rules ?

LOCKE: No James. It’s about the potential of him doing the right thing to stay alive.


ANNIE: What ?

SAWYER: Do you remember Benjamin ?

ANNIE: Yeah.

SAWYER: I haven’t figured yet if he is smart or idiot.

(On the beach, Hurley is taking notes in the kitchen)

RICHARD: Hello Hugo

HURLEY: No I can’t see any dead people anymore dude.

RICHARD: I am not asking you for that. What are you doing.

HURLEY: I am writing, you know, Who eats what.

RICHARD: You don’t have to do that. There are tons of food and…

HURLEY: No way dude. Okay we are a small village. But we don’t know if some bad guys show up with a ship off shore tomorrow morning and they would be our friends couple days later and live with us here on the beach.

(Richard looks ahead. Annie comes from the dark)

ANNIE: Hello Richard.

RICHARD: Annie ?

RICHARD: You are still here ?

ANNIE: I figured I should stay. I can’t live anywhere else but the island.

(We see Hurley taking notes)

HURLEY: Annie. I’ve written. A newcomer. And Sawyer. Dude happy you are here.

MILES: What list is that ?

HURLEY: List for the, you know, rationing.

MILES: Write me too.

SAWYER: Write Locke too.

HURLEY: You are kidding, right ? You started to talk with dead people too?

SAWYER: No, dollface. He is here.

(Sawyer turns back and sees Locke is not there.)

MILES: He went back.

SAWYER: Son of a bitch !

ANNIE: Where is Benjamin ?

(Richard points him. He is sitting next to the fire )

(We see Sarah and her husband at home)

SARAH: Please Jim. Please.

JIM: If that son of a bitch comes here I will blow his head right in front of you.

SARAH: Please think about our kid.

JIM: I am not sure if he’s our kid.

SARAH: What are you saying. Are you out of mind?

(We see Jim is holding a gun. Someone knocks the door. Jim runs to the door. Sarah follows him yelling. Jim opens the door)

JIM (Shocked) What the hell is going on ?

SARAH: Jack. I don’t understand ? Oh my god !

(We can’t see Jack’s face)

JACK: All the pains will stop. I need you to do a favour. But you must be open minded.

(Jim lowers his gun. Sarah looks scared )


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