I keep writing the season 7 for those who like my story and ask me when the second episode comes up. Sorry again for the weak English. Here it is friends:


Previously on Lost

(We see John fell down from the cliff. And Shot of Locke with the fire in the cave with wolfman)

HURLEY(Crying): They are dead.

(We see Jin’s and Sun’s hands split apart)

(Ben, Jack, sayid and Hurley see a pillar of black smoke)

SAWYER(in the plane): I don’t know you but I will find a nice place in the cage village. Some booze, smoke. And that’s all. Wanna come with me Kate ?

HURLEY(in the barracks): What about food man ?

JACK: Considering our fisherman and our great hunter are dead, I think we will keep eating fruits.


(Doctor and nurses are in a room. A woman’s giving a birth. She screams)

Doctor(in Korean): Push. Come on.

Nurse: Shouldn’t we take her to the surgery. It’s been 30 minutes.

Doctor: Everything seems normal. Why is this happening ?

(The woman cries and screams. Another doctor comes in. He carries a phone in his hand.)

SECOND DOCTOR: You must hear this

(Puts the phone on first doctor’s ear. Other person on the line speaks)

DOCTOR: How do you know about this ?

(The other person speaks)

DOCTOR: But I will be responsible for the conclusion. What if..

(The other person speaks. Doktor looks in shock.)

SECOND DOCTOR: I would listen If I were you.

DOCTOR: (To the nurse) Okay. We will give her sedative. Another doctor will make this operation.

NURSE: If we stop now…

DOCTOR(interrups): I think they are both gonna die if we don’t stop.

( The woman cries. We see she is Sun)

(On the island. Ben is walking in the jungle to the Orchid. He finds a teddy bear. Picks it up and looks for a while)

(We see Ben arrives at the Orchid)

BEN: It seems there is no damage. Good. So let’s start.

(Ben is in the elevator. The elevator stops. He walks. He sees Keamy’s sceleton face)

BEN: Hello brave kid !

(He passes through the tunnel. Climbs down the ladder. He turns his face to the Wheel. But the Wheel is not there)

BEN: Oh my God!!!

(Sawyer and Miles are walking to a door on Hydra island. They are about to go inside. But Sawyer stops.)

SAWYER: Can you hear that ?

MILES: What ? I don’t hear anything. Let’s get inside.

SAWYER: Music sound.

(We hear a gun-seeting sound)

WOMAN: Get down on the ground. Now !! Hands up.

(Sawyer and Miles put their hands up. Get down on their knees. A blonde woman comes in front of them. She looks at them and wonders)

WOMAN: Lafleur, Miles ? What are you doing here ? And more important than that, How come you never got older ?

SAWYER: Do we know each other ?

WOMAN: Look at me carefully. Don’t you remember the little girl ?

SAWYER: Sorry sweetheart ! I was with a lot of ladies so I can not remember all of them.

WOMAN: I am Annie !

(We see Ben standing and looking at the pillar of Smoke. He is near there. He walks among the trees. There is a burning fire next to the stream.There is nobody around Someone shoots on the ground next to the Ben’s feet. Ben puts his hands up)

BEN: Allright it’s me. Benjamin.

(We see Jin is holding the rifle)

JIN: Ben

BEN: Jin

JIN: What are you doing here ?

BEN: You did not die ? Or are you the monster ?

JIN: Sun is about to die.

BEN: Where is she.

(Jin goes to the bushes. Ben follows him)

JIN: I hid her here after I saw you on top of the hill.

(Ben looks at Sun. She is terribly injured on her gut)

JIN: Where is Jack?

(We see Sayid holds some electronic equipments, checking. Hurley is putting the cans on the shelves of the beach kitchen. Jack comes. )

JACK: So Hurley. You told me that we can bring our people back.

HURLEY: Yes I did.

JACK: How ?

HURLEY: I don’t know. But someone will tell us soon.

(Jack looks at the Ocean)

HURLEY: Don’t worry Jack. Everything is going to be fine. The monster died. We have food. (Jack smiles) More than that, you don’t think anymore that I am crazy. And soon our friends will be back.

JACK: I am asking you because yesterday I heard some voices. I want to know if there is a tie between them.

HURLEY: What did you hear ?

JACK: I heard Locke’s voice.

HURLEY: What did he say ?

JACK: He said I don’t have a son.

HURLEY: Do you have ?

JACK: I don’t know Hurley. When Sarah left me, she was pregnant. (Jack starts to cry) I begged her. But she did not even listen to me.

HURLEY: Did not you hear from her after that ?

JACK: No. My father died in Australia. I was bringing his body back. You know the rest.

(Suddenly Ben comes out ouf the bushes.)

BEN(yelling): Jaack !

JACK: What happened ?

BEN: I found Jin and Sun in the Jungle.

JACK: Are they alive too ?

BEN: Sun is about to die. She is bleeding.

HURLEY: We must go there by the van.

BEN: We can not go to that point by the van but we can get closer about a mile. We will carry her to the van.

HURLEY: And later ?

JACK: Later we will bring her to the barracks to stop the bleeding. (to Ben) I hope we can find necessary equipments.

SAYID: There is absolutely something wrong.

HURLEY: What ?

SAYID: I mean all the dead people are alive now. This is quite weird.

HURLEY: Like we read a fairytale.

SAYID: But why.

JACK: We can not get all the answers in our lives Sayid. And beyond that we do not have time to talk about this. Let’s go.

(Ben, Hurley and Jack get on the van)

(Miles, Annie and Sawyer drink cofee)

SAWYER: So you all saw a bright light. We dissapeared. Is that the incident ?

ANNIE: No. That was not the incident.

SAWYER: Then what is the incident ?

ANNIE: Actually I don’t know. They kept it secret.

MILES: Who are they ?

ANNIE: Benjamin, Juliet. I don’t know if any other people knew that.

SAWYER: Juliet ?

ANNIE: Yes. After she dissapeared, she came here again by the sub. She acted like nothing had happened before. She was young. Just like you. And we did not tell her anything. Ben took special care of her.

SAWYER: Son of a bitch !

ANNIE: After the incident, we went to the other side of the island. And just after the earthquake, I came here.

MILES: Are there others ?

ANNIE: Sure.

MILES: Where are they ?

ANNIE: Somewhere on the island. I believe we will come together after we are sure that everything has turned to normal.

SAWYER: So blondy, now tell me if there is a way by which we can leave this damn island.

ANNIE(Smiles): Of course there is.

MILES: Oo oo! It seems we will change our plans

(Saywer and Annie share smiles)

FLASHBACK (Juliet hits the bomb with a rock)

JULİET: Son of a bitch.

(The bomb explodes. Bright ligt. The light is gone. Dharma folks see that the Losties are gone)

RADZINSKI: What the hell !!

DR.CHANG: I told you not to turn that thing on. (ordering the guys) Catch this man. He caused all this trouble.

(Workers catch Radzinski)

DR CHANG: They were from the future. They could be our hope to get the benefit of the island’s property without any damage. (Chang looks sad) Without losing our relatives.

WORKER: What will we do with him ?

DR.CHANG. Toss him to a cage. And he will stay all alone in this station by pushing the button. He will clean his own mess for the rest of his life.

WORKER: What if he doesn’t ? Then we will die.

DR.CHANG: No he will do.

(We see Dr.Chang bring a tape to one of the Dharma workers. He goes into the room 23. Radzinski is on the chair sleeping. He puts the tape. Tape starts. On the tape we see people who were damaged by nuclear weapons. Numbers streaming. 4, 8, 15 ,16, 23, 42. Shot of a keypad. Voice “you must enter the code and push execute. Or you will die.” Shot of people. Voice “do not get out of the hatch.You will die” “enter the numbers with the beeping sound” the tape starts again. Worker gets out of the room.)

(Radzinski opens his eyes. He hears beeping sound. He starts to tell the numbers out laud)

RADZINSKI: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 ,42

(We see the last 1 minute. He gets up, goes to the computer. Enter the numbers. The time resets to 108. He takes a deep breath)

(We see Jack and Jin are carrying Sun. Sun opens her eyes, sees Jin and smiles. They put Sun in the van. And drive to the barracks)

JACK: I will not ask you how did you survive. Because nothing makes sense on this island.

(Jin looks at Jack)

(We see Locke and the Wolfman are in the cave)

WOLFMAN: Let me help to put that on its place.



LOCKE: I don’t feel I am ready for this.

WOLFMAN: We will not do what you think.

LOCKE: What will we do?

WOLFMAN: Come with me. And you will see.

(Locke gets up. They go to the other side of the cave. The wolfman touches something. We see that’s the Wheel)

WOLFMAN: We will make a little journey.

LOCKE: Why ?

WOLFMAN: We must change time to save Jin and Sun.

LOCKE: But we can bring them to the temple.

WOLFMAN: That’s not gonna work. Because the name on the wall was Kwon. It might belong one of them. If so, one of them will die forever and from now on we will have one more chance. Not two. We must not make a mistake.

LOCKE: Are you telling me we can change the past.

WOLFMAN: If we can take this chance well, Whatever happened hasn’t happened yet. After we turned the wheel you must drop in any place or anytime on the island. Go to the South cost. About 3 miles to your beach camp. Wait for me. The island will bring us together.

(They put the Wheel into a hole. Locke grabs a rifle. They turn the wheel. Magnetic sound and a bright light)

[Shot of a needle being rubbed on a magnet. Sayid lays the needle across half of some kind of nut and puts it in a bowl of water. He hears rustling and jumps up holding his knife as Locke appears.]


SAYID: I didn't hear you.

LOCKE: Sneakier than I give myself credit for.

SAYID: What are you doing out here?

LOCKE: We were hunting. Boone thought I should take the afternoon off.

SAYID: Boone -- is hunting?

LOCKE: The boy's eager to learn.

SAYID: Think he'll catch anything?

LOCKE: Nope. What are you doing out here, Sayid?

SAYID: Orienteering. I'm trying to make something of Rousseau's maps, but. . .

LOCKE: There's nothing to make.

SAYID: Exactly.

LOCKE: Well, you made a compass. I haven't seen one of those since I was a Webelos.

SAYID: What's a Webelos?

LOCKE: It's half way between a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout.

SAYID: And what does a Webelos do?

LOCKE: Gets badges, mostly. Ties knots, identifies birds. I wasn't the most popular kid. I'll leave you to it. [he hands Sayid the compass from his safari vest.] Maybe this will help your cause.

SAYID: Don't you need this?

LOCKE: Not anymore.

(We see Jin and Sun’s hands split apart in the sub. A hand holds Jin by his shirt and takes him out. The man is John Locke. He is on a canoo with the wolfman. Jin’s eyes are closed)

LOCKE: Where is Sun ? (Yelling) Suun!!!

(Jin tells something)

LOCKE: What did you say ?

JIN: In the sub.

LOCKE: No no no. This can’t be real.

WOLFMAN: I will dive.

LOCKE: You can’t do that. You will drown. And what am I gonna do?

WOLFMAN: I will not drown. I can stay much longer in the water than you think.

(Wolfman dives. And comes out with Sun. Locke helps taking Sun to the canoo)

(They start paddling. Jin’s eyes are closed. Wolfman doing CPR to Sun’s chest. And finally Sun pukes water)

LOCKE: She is bleeding badly.

WOLFMAN: She won’t die. We must bring them to somehere else.

LOCKE: Where ?

WOLFMAN: A place that one of your friend will go after he sees the smoke.

(Then a magnetic sound, rumbling and a bright light. They change time again. Now Locke sees that there is another canoo infront of them.Locke sets his rifle and shoots.)

LOCKE: I hit the paddle. Who are they.?

(Locke is about to shoot once again. But the canoo dissapears)

WOLFMAN: Do not do it again. You must cause something irriversible. On the way did you do something like this?

LOCKE: No. I only gave Sayid my compass.

WOLFMAN: To make this together, you must be very careful John.

LOCKE: What’s gonna happen at the end if we succeed

(Wolfman doesn’t answer)

(We see Sun is sleeping. The doctor is speaking with another doctor but we can’t see his/her face.)

DOCTOR: We did exactly what you said. And the constractions stopped as you had guessed. This was incredible. Thanks God you stopped us making a big mistake.

(Other doctor listens. But not speak. Sun opens her eyes and looks at the new doctor)


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