Season 7 Episode 5 (The Last Journey)

(Shot of Sawyer rushing up on the stairs in a building. Some guys are chasing him. He opens the door, gets inside and locks the door. He puts a table behind the door. Gets in a room and hides under the bed just like he did when he was a little kid)

VOICE: Open the door or we will break in.

ANOTHER VOICE: You have no chance James.

(They kick the door. A new voice is heard. And he is inside the flat)

NEW VOICE: Okay. I am opening the door. But first you put the guns down.

(He opens the door. They start talking. The voices go down. The door shuts. Someone opens the door of the room, looks inside. Sawyer looks scared. The man turns back and closes the door)

(Shot of Hurley at the kitchen. He eats somethings)

SAWYER: You ain’t got any beer, do you ?

HURLEY: How much you need ?

SAWYER: I don’t ask for permission Hugo.

HURLEY: But you must, dude. I mean, everyone except you obeys the rationing rule. I take the records. This place is under my responsibility. If you don’t like, I would quit the job and you would keep running it.

SAWYER: I just want some beer.

HURLEY: Sorry dude. I don’t have any beer.

SAWYER(angry): Thanks !!

HURLEY: You’re welcome. And next time try to be more polite. We will need each other on this island man.

(Sawyer turns back and goes away)

(In the caves Locke and wolfman talk)

WOLFMAN: Your friends are about to lose their hopes. We must make them believe.

LOCKE: How ?

WOLFMAN: We must repair the mirror in the lighthouse. Hugo, Sayid, James and Ben. You must convince them to do this job. If you start with Hugo, then it will be easier.

LOCKE: And then ?

WOLFMAN: Then you will do something. Something very important. After you convince Hugo, come back to the cave. Wait for me here to start the second step.

LOCKE: Got it. Wanna ask you something.


LOCKE: How old are you ?

WOLFMAN: I did not count.

(We see Jin comes with some fish inside a bag)

HURLEY: That’s perfect.

(Jin gives the fish to Hurley)

HURLEY: What about that one ?

JIN: This is for Sun.

HURLEY: That’s right.

(Hurley gives some bananas to Jin. Jin smiles. Hurley keeps writing. Someone calls Hurley’s name. Hurley looks back. None is there. Hurley walks and looks around.)

HURLEY: Helloo ! Anyone there ?

(Suddenly Locke steps in front of Hurley.)

HURLEY: Ooh ! Stay away from me. I am a candidate.

JOHN: Hello Hurley.I miss you much.

HURLEY: Locke ?

(We see Hurley and Locke are sitting near a stream. Locke’s eating a mango)

LOCKE: I am the one who is going to tell you how you can bring your friends together.

HURLEY: We are already together.

LOCKE: I don’t mean it.

HURLEY: What do you mean ?

LOCKE: I can’t tell now. You must find it by yourself. That’s how it works.

HURLEY: So that guy and you are in a partnership ?

LOCKE: Not exactly.

HURLEY: What do you want from me ?

LOCKE: I need your help.

HURLEY: What am I gonna do ?

LOCKE: There is a lighthouse on this island.

HURLEY: Yeah I know. Jacob brought us there.

LOCKE: You must take some of your friends to that place. There is one more mirror inside the foot of the statue. You will change the mirror.

HURLEY: That’s all ?

LOCKE: No. Just one more thing.

(We see Ben and Annie sitting on the rocks)

ANNIE: So you are sure you don’t want to tell me what the incident was.

BEN: You already know the incident. The bomb exploded. That was the incident.

ANNIE: I am talking about the incident after the purge. What happened there ? What did you do ?

BEN: We can not take a step forward if we keep drowning in past.

(Hurley interrups)

HURLEY: Dude. You got a minute ?

BEN: What happened Hugo?

HURLEY: Please.

BEN: Okay

HURLEY(whispering) Don’t ask me why. We are going to change the mirror in the lighthouse and you are coming with us.

BEN: That’s gonna be interesting.

HURLEY: Thanks Ben. Sayid and Sawyer are coming also.

BEN: Okay.

(Hugo is with Sayid)

SAYID: A lighthouse ?

HURLEY: Yeah. I mean, we went there with Jack. There was a mirror. It was not working. Maybe we can repair it. So ships can see it.

SAYID: Why don’t you ask Jack ?

HURLEY: You know, you are good at fixing things.

SAYID: Allright. I am coming. Maybe I can find somethings useful there.

HURLEY: Thanks.

(Hurley walks to Sawyer. Sawyer is reading a book)

HURLEY: Hey dude.

SAWYER: What do you want ?

HURLEY: Nothing. I just want to know if you, maybe, want to come with us.

SAWYER: Where ?

HURLEY: You know, we are trying to go back home. And we should not sit here and just eat. We must do somethings.


HURLEY: So we are going to check the lighthouse. That was something Jack and I found.

SAWYER: Go away. I ain’t coming anywhere.

HURLEY: What if I give you three bottles of Scoth whisky and a case of Dharma beer. From the fresh ones ?

SAWYER: Then I would ask When do we leave.

(Hurley smiles. We see they are preparing for the treck. Sayid puts a bottle of water in his bag)

SAYID: How long does it take ?

HURLEY: I don not exactly know, dude.

SAYID: Can you describe the location ?

HURLEY: First, we must go to the foot statue.

SAYID: Foot ?

HURLEY: Yeah. Do you know that place ?

SAYID: Yes Hurley. I know.

HURLEY: All right then.

(Shot of Sawyer, Ben, Sayid and Hurley are leaving the beach)

(We see they are walking in the jungle. Hurley and Ben a little slower than Sayid and Sawyer. There is a distance between them)

SAWYER(to Sayid): Sayid, how did you survive from that explosion ?

SAYID: I remember that I threw the bomb and hid behind the wall of the nearest room. That’s the last thing I remember. And then I opened my eyes on the beach.

SAWYER: We turned to the beginning.

SAYID: Yes. But at least this is our island now.

(we hear Hurley and Ben talking. Suddenly Hurley hurts his ankle)

HURLEY: Ohh. Oh my God ! (Ben holds him) Dude.

(Sawyer and Sayid stop and look behind)

BEN: Come here and sit down. ( Hurley sits on a log )

HURLEY: Sayiid. Dude don’t wait. Go and wait for us there. We can catch you up.

SAYID: Do you want us to come and help you ?

HURLEY: No. I am fine. Not that bad.

SAYID: We will make a camp a mile up there.

HURLEY: Okay. We will be there.

(Sayid and Sawyer start to walk and disseppear among the trees)

BEN: You should put your foot here.

HURLEY: No thanks. I am fine.

(Hurley gets up. He looks fine)

HURLEY: Sorry dude !

(Suddenly the wolfman comes out of the bushes.)

BEN: What is going on here ?

HURLEY: I am sorry Ben. I just..

(The wolfman grabs Ben on the neck, lifts him up against a tree)

WOLFMAN: Where did you put that ?

BEN: What ?

WOLFMAN: You and Juliet. Where did you put that ? And when ?

BEN: I don’t understand !

WOLFMAN: You understand what I mean. I am asking you for the last time. I will broke your neck if you don’t answer.

BEN: Okay. I will tell you what you want. Please. I want to breath.

(At the beach Claire, Sun and Kate speak)

CLAIRE: So that thing is still alive ?

SUN: Yes. He was the one who saved Jin and me.

KATE: But why would he wanna do that ?

SUN: I don’t know. Jin said that he was not alone.

KATE: Who was the other person ?

SUN: Jin doesn’t remember.

(Annie comes to the screen. She eats mango)

ANNIE: Where is Sawyer ?

KATE: What happened ?

ANNIE: Just asking.

(Kate gets angry but she realises that Jack watches her. She smiles, gets up and walks to Jack)


JACK: Hey. What is the problem ?

KATE: Nothing.

JACK: Have you seen Hurley ?

KATE: He said that he was going to the lighthouse. (Jack seems thoughtful) why ?

JACK: It doesn’t matter anymore.

KATE: What was important about the lighthouse ?

JACK: When I was there, I saw some images on the mirror. I saw the house I grow up.

KATE: The house ?

JACK: Yeah. But It’s not gonna work because I broke the mirror.

KATE: Why are they going there ?

JACK: They ?

KATE: Sayid, Ben and Sawyer.

JACK: I don’t know.

DESMOND(To Jack) Hello Jack. Am I interrupting ?


DESMOND: Can’t we dive the underwater station and take the transciever out ? I mean the Dharma buildings are full of equipments and we are a bunch of people here.

JACK: Maybe. Yeah. Maybe. We can organise a group. Maybe we will need to make a big raft to take the equipment out without any damage.

DESMOND: Allright then. We must organise.

JACK: We should wait for Sayid.

DESMOND: Yeah. Wait

(We see Ben and Hurley are walking)

HURLEY: So who is he Ben ? Where do you know him from ?

BEN: If you don’t mind, I would like to keep it as a secret.

HURLEY: Okay dude. Doesn’t matter. You don’t have to tell me anything.

(They arrive at the camp location)

BEN: Hi guys. SAWYER: What happened to you Ben ? You look pale.

BEN: Nothing. Thanks for asking.

(We see that John Locke is waiting in the cave. The Wolfman gets in)

LOCKE: Now what ?

WOLFMAN: I have learnt the exact time and the place.

LOCKE: Why don’t you do this ?

WOLFMAN: I can’t do that. You must do.

LOCKE: I fed up doing this.

WOLFMAN: This is your last journey on the island.

(Locke turns the Wheel.Magnetic sound. The bright light)

(We see Sawyer is walking to a door. He knocks the door.Claire’s mother opens it)

SAWYER: Hello Miss Littleton. We need to talk.


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