(Shot of an eye opening. We see that Jack is lying on the stairs next to the pool in the Temple. We hear a voice but we can’t see who he is )

VOICE: You are alive. I knew this was gonna work.

JACK: What happened to me?

(We see that the other person is Hurley )

HURLEY: Dude. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you are alive and with me.

JACK: How many of the others got on that plane ?

HURLEY: I don’t know. I am looking for some food. You know, keeping the island safe is a hard job. So I must eat more often.

(Hurley starts to look for food in the ruins of the Temple)

JACK: What hapenned after I blacked out ?

HURLEY: Well. The sky first turned to black and then turned to white. I was shouting to find our friends, then I met Vincent in the Jungle and he brought me to your body. How did you die?

JACK: Locke stabbed me.

HURLEY: And now where is he ?

JACK: He fell from a cliff. I threw him.

(Hurley finds a human foot, holds it and shows to Jack)

HURLEY: Dude !!

(Jack and Hurley walking in the Jungle)

HURLEY: I miss the old days. We were all together at our camp.

JACK: Better if we think of the future

HURLEY: We can bring our friends back. All of them.

JACK: And you think our friends will want to come here ?

HURLEY: Yes. They all want.

JACK: And how do you know this Hurley:

HURLEY: He told me.

(Jack looks to the direction that Hurley has pointed. But noone is there)

JACK: Come on Hurley. Let’s go to the beach camp. On the way we will visit Swan. We can take some supplies if we changed time. And after that we will try to go from this island.

HURLEY: We can’t leave the island.

JACK: And why is that ?

HURLEY: Because there is no outside world. Everything left for us is this island.

(Jack and Hurley stop at the Swan Hatch. But Swan stays exploded)

JACK: It seems we are on the right time. Let’s go to the beach.

(They walk in the jungle to the beach)

HURLEY: What if there is not anything on the beach?

JACK: Then we will think

(They arrive at the beach and see that there is a flaming fire. Jack sushes Hurley and they both kneel down. A sound of a setting gun is heard. The person comes to the screen. We see he is Sayid)

HURLEY: Sayiiid. You are alive dude. I thought you were dead.

SAYID: I wish I was.


SAYID: Because we are still on this damn island.

(they hug)

HURLEY: Okay. No problem. We will bring all of our friends here. All of them. And we will live together on this island. There is a way to do that.

JACK: How did you survive Sayid?

SAYID: After I passed the corner, I threw the bomb and run to the near room. And I found myself on the shore.

JACK: Maybe we should go to the barracks.

SAYID: No Jack. This time we will never leave the beach. We will rebuild our beach camp. And later we will look for a way to communicate with the outside world.

HURLEY: We can’t leave the island Sayid. But we can bring all of our friends here. Do you believe me ?

SAYID: From now on, I will believe everything you say.

HURLEY: Thanks dude.

SAYID: But while you are on your job, I will do mine. And will try people to find the location of this island

(They arrive at the hatch, get on the van. Hurley starts the engine)

HURLEY: So let’s start.


(Shot of Claire looking out the window)

CLAIRE: What if Aaron doesn’t want me ?

KATE: Don’t worry! Everything will be fine.

SAWYER: I think we deserve a bottle of champagne with a nice dinner.


SAWYER: Yes. You and me. After we get to our homeland we can spend time together freckles.

KATE: I can’t believe you. We left our friends back. We must mourn for them.

SAWYER: Easy sweetheart. We must forget the past. Will you live with all those thing at the rest of your life?

(Lapidus comes and He looks very anxious)

SAWYER: Hello captain. When will be landed ?

LAPIDUS: We’ve got a situation.

SAWYER: What? We left someone on the island and turning back to take?

LAPIDUS: We have been on air for 8 hours but we are still on the Ocean.

(Miles interrups Lapidus)

MILES: Hey, look at this.

(They all look to the direction and see the island)

SAWYER: Turn back Lapidus. We are not gonna land on it.

LAPIDUS: We are almost out of fuel. We can’t go 1 hour further.

CLAIRE (crying): I don’t wanna go back that island. No.

LAPIDUS: Fasten your seatbelts folks. We are landing.

(Hurley, Jack and Sayid are beside the sonic fence)

JACK: We don’t know the code. So we are gonna jump over it.But you Hurley ?

SAYID: You should wait here.

HURLEY(Smiling): We do not know the code but someone knows.

JACK: Who?

BEN: Hello guys. It seems you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life in my village.

JACK: No Ben. We will rebuild our beach camp and try to get in contact with the outside world.

(They hear the sound of the wind)

BEN: I think it’s over. The monster died. Everything will be fine. Yes we can get in contact with the outside world.

HURLEY: Forget dude. You can’t

BEN: I have some ideas.

(Ben turns of the fence. They get on the van. Hurley starts the music. And the plane passes over them but they can’t hear)


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