Allright guys. Some of you know I started writing the Season 7. I am not a good writer/dreamer. So sorry for the poor story. Just have fun. Here is the first episode to remind you:

Season-7 Episode 2 (THE LAST CHANCE)


FLASHBACK (We see someone dragging Sayid’s dead body in the jungle. We can see only his hands. We hear he takes deep breaths. On the way, he sees Hurley. Hurley is crying over Jack’s body and can not see the man. He watches Hurley for a while. The man leaves by dragging Sayid’s body)


(Hurley, Jack, Sayid and Ben are on the van)

JACK: Actually Ben, there were lots of things that I wanted to ask you.

BEN: Okay. It seems we will speak more.

JACK: When you got shot on the shoulder by an arrow, what were you doing there? I mean It’s not sensible to think that Daniel could capture the Leader of the Dharma.

BEN: You are right, Daniel did not catch me. We made a deal. She shot me on my shoulder and I let her live. It must be a better idea to have 5 days pain on the shoulder than to die because of a tumor.

JACK: But she could have aimed to your heart and killed you.

BEN: She could not kill me.

HURLEY: Rules dude.

( They get off the van )

BEN: Before we start gathering what we need, we need to do something.

HURLEY: You started your mind games again ?

BEN: We must bury two bodies. Widmore and his chick. Before someone bring them to the temple. We do not exactly know who is alive on the island. If we continue our lifes on the island, first we must keep us safe.

(While Hurley and Jack carry the boddies, Ben and Sayid dig the graves. They put the bodies)

JACK: If noone wants to say anything we should…

BEN(Interrups) I will say. Charles Widmore. You were not a kind man. Just like not a great one. You made big mistakes. I want you to know that i will not kill Penny. You broke the rules by killing my daughter. And I broke the rules by killing you. All bills paid. So rest in peace.

(Jack hears some conversations)

JACK: “I died too”

LOCKE: “You don’t have a son Jack”

(Jack seems puzzled)

(The plane has landed safely. Lapidus gets out of the cockpit)

LAPIDUS: So what do we do now ?

SAWYER: I don’t know you but I will find a nice place in the cage village. Some booze, smoke. And that’s all. Wanna come with me Kate ?

KATE: Of course not. I will go to the other island and try to find our friends.

SAWYER: What are you gonna do ? If you don’t realize, we are really stuck on this island. Nowhere to go.

RICHARD: I think I will die on this island.

DESMOND: Maybe I can do something.

MILES: How ?

DESMOND: That cabin. Widmore brought here. Maybe we can use it.

MILES: Your cabins, your buttons, your wheels. I do not think we can get out of this island.

SAWYER: Miles’s right. Have a nice chat for you folks, I am going.

MILES: Wait me boss. I am coming too. Richard. Don’t you come with us ?

RICHARD: No Miles. I think I should go to the other island. That’s the place I should be in.

(Sawyer and Miles leave the plane. Claire is in shock)

KATE: Listen to me Claire. We still have a chance. Ben’s people are still on the island and I am sure that they know how to leave the island.

CLAIRE: It’s over. I will not see Aaron anymore. Why did you just leave him there ? Why didn’t you bring him back ?

KATE: Because he is just a little kid. And I might have lost him after the crash. He is with his grandmom and safe.

CLAIRE: Yes. Safe

(We see Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Ben carry some supplies to the van)

JACK: What about your people Ben? Are they all gone?

BEN: I am sure they are somewhere on the island. After we place our camp I should bring them too.

JACK: Yeah. Good idea. We must stay together.

HURLEY: What about food man ?

JACK: Considering our fisherman and our great hunter are dead, I think we will keep eating fruits.

BEN: Good point. Now follow me.

(They all go to a little cabin. Ben opens it)

BEN: I am sure you never saw this cabin before.

JACK: No I never saw.

BEN. Because Jack you always looked at the big picture. You always neglected little details. That’s why I led my people in peace for years and suddenly you came and destroyed everything.

JACK: Destroyed everything but fixed your spine.

BEN: Sorry Jack.

JACK: Yeah. Me too.

(They all climb down the stairs to a very big warehouse.It’s full of food)


BEN: Remember you found food with a parachute in the jungle. We put them there.

SAYID: You baited us like animals ?

BEN: Sorry for not carrying the food to your beach by a van Sayid.

JACK: It looks we won’t have food problem with the next one thousand years.

(Hurley grabs a box of Chocolate and starts to eat)

HURLEY: Where did you find the Money ? Go through time and play lottery or something ?

BEN: Well. I could not make big changes in time. But after the monster died. I don’t know. We must try to see.


BEN: With the Wheel.

FLASHBACK (The man takes Sayid from the pool in the temple. Starts dragging again. He arrives to the beach and the man leaves Sayid where he found. He walks in the jungle, gets nearer to Hurley.)

HURLEY: Ohh. Who are you?

MAN: Can’t you do anything for your friend.

HURLEY: I can take him to the temple. But what if he becomes like Sayid?

MAN: No. He won’t.

HURLEY: How do you know that.

MAN: Trust me.

(We see they are going to the temple together)

HURLEY: How come we never saw you on the island?

MAN: One of you saw me.


MAN: Doesn’t matter. Most of your friends are dead. But you can bring them together. There are 7 people. Those are who can save themselves.


MAN: I will tell you later.

HURLEY: What happened to your face? You know what I mean.

MAN: Nothing happened to my face. It’s been since I was born.

HURLEY: Were you born on this island?

MAN: Yes.

HURLEY(gets tired) Let’s have some break dude!

(They put Jack on the ground. Hurley stands up and sees the man is gone)

(The man arrives at a cave. Goes into it. And we see on the wall 4 8 15 16 23 42. There is a fire inside. And another man beside the fire. We can not see his face too)

MAN: Long time no see.


MAN: Of course you don’t remember.

(We see that the second man is John Locke)

LOCKE:(Recognizes) You !!!!

MAN: You made mistakes John.

LOCKE: But how?

MAN: You did not do exactly what I said.

LOCKE:(crying) I am sorry.

MAN: I am sorry too John. But good news you have one more chance. The last chance.


(Aajira folks are preparing to leave the plane)

KATE: Allright everybody. We are going to our beach camp.

LAPIDUS: It looks we have found our new leader.

(They get off the plane)

(They paddle and pass the sea. They arrive at the shore)

KATE: It will be dark soon. So we will make a camp here.

DESMOND(to Richard): At least I had a button to push. Now only a jungle to walk.

RICHARD: I had a wife.

DESMOND: What happened to her.

RICHARD: She died. But I want to believe that she is on this island.

DESMOND: You know what it is. That’s not your wife.

RICHARD: Yes I know. But It’s unbelievable to see her face even though it’s a monster. So I will wait to see her on this island for the rest of my life. And the monster, if he did not die somehow, I will want him to keep his promise.

DESMOND: What promise ?

RICHARD: He will bring my wife back

LAPIDUS(to Richard): Can we grow maize here.

RICHARD: (Smilling): Will you export them?

LAPIDUS: We have gas that can fly us for an hour. If we grow maize, we can produce organic aviation fuel. The plane has no any problem. We can come and take care of the plane.

DESMOND: But the most important problem here is that how will you find maize seeds brotha.

RICHARD: Dharma used to use some sustanance to feed the animals. After the purge we put them into a place. We can check them.

LAPIDUS: Perfect.

(Dharmavillage team are in the van going back to the beach. They see a pillar of black smoke at the far corner of the island)

SAYID: What is this?

BEN: My people. They are near Rousseau’s place.

SAYID: What are they doing there?

BEN: Waiting for me to tell them what to do.

JACK: What are you gonna tell them?

BEN: I don’t know Jack. I do not know because Richard is not with me. And Jacob, he is gone.

JACK: So you are an ordinary man Ben.

BEN: Kinda.

(They arrive at the beach.)

JACK: Thanks God we are not gonna build all the tents. There are enough. We just need to fix them.

BEN: With your permission guys I can not be with you helping. I am going to take my people here. But before that, I will go somewhere else.

JACK: Where?

HURLEY: to the Orchid.

BEN: You must know that the wheel is our last chance. I will check the situation. Must see what happened after that earthquake-like-thing.

HURLEY: Want me to drive you there ?

BEN: No Hurley. Thanks. I want to walk.

(Ben leaves. Hurley, Sayid and Jack start fixing the tents. Sayid finds Charlie’s ring. Shows it to Jack. They share a sad smile)

(John Locke and the man are sitting around the fire)

MAN: You don’t remember what you did after you got killed by Ben?


MAN: Your body was used by something else.

LOCKE: Now is that thing still on the island ?

MAN: I don’t know.

LOCKE: What is your name ?

(We see the man’s face and he is half dog half human)

MAN: I do not have a name. Do I make you scared?

LOCKE: Absolutely not. I loved this island because of you.

(John sees a flashback of the episode Walkabout. He comes out of the bushes runs to the boars. But the tree was shaken. And finally we see a very big white smoke comes to John. It swallows Locke. And Locke sees some flashes inside the bright smoke. He hears a voice)

VOICE: You are gonna die John. But you can stop this.

JOHN: How?

VOICE: What you need is on this island. Find it. And do not ask anyone what to do. Just find your way by yourself.

(The birght smoke pukes Locke to the ground. John is in a great shock. Then the smoke acts incredibly fast, grabs a boar and hits it on the ground. Locke gets the boar)

(Locke and half dog man around the fire)

LOCKE: I did not find my way by myself. I listened somebody else.

MAN: Exactly. JOHN: And what is it that thing that I need to find on this island.

(The half dog man gets up, lits a torch, starts walking to the other side of the cave. As he walks, Locke’s sees that thing and his eyes get wider.But we can not see what it is.)


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