I just thought how I could explain it if Lost was just a backgammon game. Though this is not my favorite theory, It is still a possibility. The first thing came to my mind was Richard. If Lost was a backgammon game, Richard would be DICE. Why ? Now we know that there are two opposite sides on the island. And how come we see Richard sometimes with both sides ? We see Richard hanging out with Locke, Ben who are island lovers. And sometimes we see Richard with Sayid, Jack… And we know that Richard somehow has communication with Jacob. He knows where he lives. It is obvious he visited him before. Richard can be used by BOTH sides. And this makes Richard dice of the game. And I looked at the numbers once again. It it possible that they may represent some numbers that one side OR both sides plays. Maybe these are the numbers of winner side has used from the beginning. As a good backgammon player, I can say that you can win the game with minimum 92 moves. This is the best possibility. But I have never heard of it so far. 108 may represents the total moves of the winner. And this requires very good luck. Like the numbers hit Hurley’s lottery. Or the game may have lasted 108 minutes. 815 may represent the total moves of two sides. Boone died, Eko died, Shannon died. They were bricks. And at last Charlie died. Game over. Island lovers lost. Then the second game starts. 316 moves. Jacob dies. Island lovers win. Now a new game will start. So we will hear a new number. That can be total moves of the sides. Now I am at work. When I get home, I will try to find a place for the numbers with regard backgamon game. But It is almost impossible to find out because there are zillions of possibilities in a backgammon game.

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