On the day of finale, How did you feel, did you think of Lost on the whole day, what did you do on that day ? Did you cry ? which scene hit you ? Or is there any other things which you think was emotional or weird ? Let's share our experiences on that day.

Abut me, As I live in Turkey, I had to wait one more day to watch. I woke up and went to work. And I never opened any website so not to be spoiled. That day at work was like a torturing. Finally I went home. On the way I bought 2 pints of strong and 6 pints of normal beer. I opened the computer, downloaded the finale episode. It took almost 2 hours. During that time I drank :) I had to drink because I could not wait for two hours.

I started to watch. from the moment we see Cristian's coffin to the end I cried. The scene of reunion Jack and his dad made me cry like a child. After that, the depression hit me with the help of alcohol. And I kept drinking for the next 6 days by watching the finale over and over. I asked myself this question at the end of 6th day. "What can Hurley do on the island all alone?" And this question made me aware that I was in depression. So I guit drinking.

I made searchings in video websites and saw that I was not the only person who watched Lost drunk and crying. There were hundreds.

What is you story ?

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