I was just thinking about the Book of Rules. I do not know if we will learn who wrote it or not. But when I was thinking this, I remembered Richard testing little John Locke. He got angry. I think the writers MUST explain this. Who sent Richard to little Locke and why did Richard get angry. It seems that that scene was filmed because we were gonna see who sent Richard. There must be a backstory there. But I think we will never get the answer of that question because the creators read theories on the internet all the time and they changed the show into a form which nobody has expressed yet. If you watched season 1, the story is growin slowly but steadily. What happened alcohol problem, drug problem, spinal issue, wounded leg issue.......etc ? What happened live together die alone ? They are not together ? They do not stay anywhere. The don't even EAT. Boar hits, Richard the iron thingy falls down from his hand. He doesn't even take it from the ground by his FOOT. He is crawling on the ground. Come on !!! To me, it is obvious that the creators changed important parts of the story. I hope the finale will be great.

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