I have been writing theories and each time I just throw it away coz I see that the show is going to another direction. Now here is my latest theory: Sayid, Kate, Hurley, Jack, Locke, Sawyer, Jin and Sun will come across the temple. They will see that amazing high-tec appliances exist there. And they will understand that they can change their past by using The Temple. So They will plan the crash of Oceanic 815. These 8 Losties are real others. One of them is the real leader. And I think that’s Jack. He is the leader of whole island. Smoke monster is used by these 8 people to keep Losties away from the temple. That’s because 8 people are already in the temple. So I expect them to meet themselves one day. With their older versions. The cabin was built because one of them was banished. And I think that was John Locke. Because he met himself in the first season and told everything."I looked in the eyes of this island and what I saw was beautiful" Locke asks Ben "How did you bring my father here" Ben answers: "You brought him here" Older Locke did it. That's the person who made the lists. That's the man who told the others to kidnap Walt. And this whole story is the war between John Locke and Jack. But I do not think John Locke is alone. Christian Shephard is with Locke. And maybe they have another smoke monster high-tec thing. The one John Locke talked to while he was hunting was under older Locke's control. The one which pulled John into the hole was managed from the Temple. Now older John is free from the cabin. The war's coming.

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