Okay. First I must say that English is not my native language. Last week I saw a poem here and I decided to write one. I wrote this poem and I have no idea how it is. And this is my first poem in English. I like it. But It may seem funny to native speakers. I don't know. I am sorry if so. Here it is:

A plane crashes on a deserted island

At first it is very silent.

Then in the jungle a clinking sound is heard and a roar

Jin catching fish, Locke hunting boar.

Barefoot natives and a kid carriying a toy

Michael keeps asking “have you seen my boy”.

In cavetown Jack punching Sawyer in the face

Their rockgod is Charlie Sodding Pace.

Boone hanging out with the great hunter

Charlie looking for a jar of peanut butter.

Then this Dharma station is found underground

You must enter the code with the beeping sound.

Eathan is among Losties as a spy

Desmond’s turning failsafe makes a purple sky.

Mysteries are growing with every season

Everything on this island happens for a reason.

On the beach people making kitchen for themselves

Live together die alone or everyman for himself.

Locke sitting in Swan watching oriantation tape

There is no outside world, there is no escape.

With fake beard and dirty clothes Tom looks like a bandit

Boone is the sacrifice the island demanded.

From Iraq, England, Korea, Scotland

Well,now they are not actually in Portland.

Henry Gale playing with them by teling lie

They have three choices: run, hide or die.

In the Dharma van Ben killing his dad

Hurey is cursed, everything happens to him is bad.

Sun speaks English, keeps it secret from Jin

Hurley steps on a freakin sea urchin.

Lovers, fathers, sisters, brothers

Face the punishment for what they did to others.

We coming to the end in Lostpedia which is a polite host

See you in another life, goodbye LOST !!!

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