After I see Destinedjourney's post I decided to write this in a different post. Coz this doesn't fit that question.

What changed in your life after watching Lost ? I am sure that every Lost fan has something to say. Here is mine:

  • I read a lot about magnetic energy, Ancient Egypt, time travel
  • I started listen Patsy Cline
  • I read "of Mice and Men" "Watership Down" "Our mutual friend"
  • I got many friends from that island. And now I am planning to make a trip to Oahu, stay about a month and visit all the places I saw.
  • Thank God that now I know all the brilliant actors and actresses who I did not know before
  • I learned that a beehive can also be on the ground :)
  • I had been playing backgammon. Now I love it more.
  • Now when I see a person on a wheelchair, I feel and know them better.
  • After I meet Henry Gale, I realised that many people around me living with lies.
  • When I go to a store to buy a drink for myself. My eyes are looking for McCutcheon whisky on the shelves.
  • At the end of season 3, I became alcoholic.
  • If a person says he can speak with dead people, I belive :)
  • I travel a lot because of my work. Whenever I get on a plane, I feel I am about to see a passenger from flight 815 on one of the seats.
  • Lost helped me to improve my English.
  • Now I believe that nothing is irreversible
  • Now I believe that I always have another choice.
  • Now I strongly believe that I can choose the life that I want to live.

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