A friend to hang out with and a place to stay

Lostymind January 4, 2010 User blog:Lostymind

I sent this post 3 or 4 months ago. I thought It would be good if I send it once again as lots of new people have joined Lostpedia. Maybe they have new things to add along with the older ones. Now questions: 1) If you were a Losty who would be your friend on the island to hang out with. What experiences you would like to have with him/her 2) Where would you like to stay on the island and why ? ( second island included )? MY ANSWERS: 1) I would like to be friend of Sayid and Charlie. Coz they are really trustable guys. And I would like to explore others camp with Sayid on the boat 2) I really like the looking glass. I would catch fish. And sometimes I would go to the island to get fruits or lying on the sand under the sun. Now your turn.

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