• Lostymind

    A question

    June 30, 2012 by Lostymind

    There was a video on youtube. I am looking for that.

    Jack was saying Sarah "I am gone f... you" and then we could not hear the "fix".

    Locke was saying Michael "I have f... your son's dog" and again we could not hear the "found"

    I remember I saw that funny video here in Lostpedia. Can you please give me that link again if anyone knows where it is ?

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  • Lostymind

    Imagine you are on the island with Losties. What would you want to do or to be on the island. First I go. Season doesn't matter.

    Lostymind is going to get dinamite from Black Rock with Jack, Kate, Hurley, Lock and Artz.

    It's your turn

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  • Lostymind

    An important question

    February 13, 2012 by Lostymind

    In Pilot, Jack wakes up runs to the beach. When he looks at the beach there is no plane, there is no screams. But upon he starts to walk, he meets the fuselage and people.

    So what do you think about this ? isn't it confusing ?

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  • Lostymind


    June 27, 2011 by Lostymind

    I sent this poem more than a year ago. I would like to send it again for people who have joined recently. I hope they like it. ( English is not my native language by the way )

    A plane crashes on a deserted island

    At first it is very silent.

    Then in the jungle a clinking sound is heard and a roar

    Jin catching fish, Locke hunting boar.

    Barefoot natives and a kid carriying a toy

    Michael keeps asking “have you seen my boy”.

    In cavetown Jack punching Sawyer in the face

    Their rockgod is Charlie Sodding Pace.

    Boone hanging out with the great hunter

    Charlie looking for a jar of peanut butter.

    Then this Dharma station is found underground

    You must enter the code with the beeping sound.

    Eathan is among Losties as a spy

    Desmond’s turning failsafe makes a purple sk…

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  • Lostymind

    For a long time I have not written any theories.But last night I paid attention on something interesting. If you guys realised, Benjamin Linus did not stand up when Locke and Hurley invited him to the church. Does any of you think that Benjamin Linus could not walk in his real life probably because of his spine was broken ? Yes there is not clear evidence but It seems strange that he sits abolutely still in front of the church. What do you guys think of ?

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