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January 9, 2010
  • Lostwithouttheshow

    over the seasons has anyone else gone through the love hate relationship of characters? When the show started i really liked locke and hated jack.... then it swapped, i hated locke and loved jack..... and then...... i loved sayid... hated and now loved him...... the shows plays with my emotions!!!!!!

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  • Lostwithouttheshow

    I noticed a few blogs on the topic of "since theyre in the past now and this is happening, why don't they recognize each other in the 2004 time" It's simple... sort of. They are affecting the past which will alter the present. This has not happened before. They are going back and changing stuff. now if the past plays out with the things they have done now, then in the future of the time frame they have affected they will recognize each other but they are not doing something that has always happened they are changing stuff..... thats what i think. And all would seem to agree with me... EXCEPT.... when sun discovered the photo of the O6, from the 70's. The only other way I can explain it is. The 2000's them are together in the 70's so theref…

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  • Lostwithouttheshow

    When i think back to Mr. Eko, i'm kind of sad. I thought his classic bad guy turned spiritual good guy character was a solid piece of the lost puzzle.... and puzzle it is! He was such a big dude, he always made me feel the characters were safe around him... i don't know if his dieing was a good thing, though valiant i thought he should have become a more permanent character!

    any thoughts?

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