-----(10)-----Maybe my finger nails will grow back...-----(9)-----The nightmares about being on the island might go away for awhile...-----(8)-----Now I can go back to my earlier life before "Lost", right?...-----(7)-----Nothing to look forward to, just peace, relaxation, maybe I'll retire, go to a deserted island...-----(6)-----Now I can get back to watching the Braves make a run at the World Series-----(5)-----No more questions from non-fans, "Well, it's an island, and they are stranded..."-----(5)-----Now, I have more time to watch one of the great new shows on T.V., there are some, aren't there?-----(4)-----When someone behind me in line talks about "Lost", I won't be compelled to expound on my theories, I'll already know all the answers, so I'll just nod wisely in their direction-----(3)-----Now I can finish the novel I've been working on the past 20 years-----(2)-----I can listen to my doctor, cut back on my blogging and get more sleep-----(1)-----And the # One reason I'll get by without "Lost", at least for the first few days, is...I'll finally be able to spend some quality time with my wife----(Lost 4ever!!!...)

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