:::What do you picture in your mind when you think of paradise? A beautiful island,a beautiful girl,and all the time you need to spend with her there, right? Jack, who was initially set to be killed off in the pilot, has become James Bond. It came to me when I read a blog about the "source". I thought it must be peace, love,or understanding..but the blog mentioned an old nursery school riddle.."What is it that everyone has, but still wants more off?" The answer "Time", woke me up and a lot of things appear to fit in this vast 10,000 piece puzzle that is "Lost". Why is Jack focused, a man of Faith? He has realized that he may have found a way to get Kate.: His love for her has driven him the past few seasons, and to also love the island, for what it offers. If he can tap into time, he has Kate and...wait for it..he can fix everything!::: He could end up on the island (In paradise..) with both he and Kate immortal!!!...:::Coldplay, a band that has long been associated with Lost, wrote this in their song, "Yellow"...:::"I swam across, I jumped across for you, oh what a thing to do.." Reminds me of when Jack jumped off the boat and swam back to the island. Jack loves kate and wants to live on the island with her forever.So he's now {007) on MIB's (evil madman's) island fortress, hes gotta defeat the villain and he gets the girl. It's possibly just that simple, anyway me and my wife got a good laugh out of this..Lost Forever!--~~~~

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