In a startling interview with Mr.Damon Lindelof, head of Lost Enterprises on his yacht in Hawaii for the "Lost" reunion Party, new revelations about the conception of the T.V. show "Lost" have come to light. It was nearly 20 years ago, that the show ended it's amazing 6 year run on A.B.C. Claims recently from his longtime partner that "Lost" was based on an actual experience that took place in their lives in late 1981. When asked, Mr. Lindelof said, "...I can't deny that something unusual took place one summer, on an island in the south pacific..but, I'm not at liberty to disclose any more information at this time." When a few reporters laughed at the speculation that the show could, in any way, be based on actual facts; Mr. Lindelof, told the room.." there is definitely a lot of things out there, a lot of places still unexplored, and even if what happened on the island was just a dream, it's what we both remember and, strange as it seems, alot of it was real." When asked if there was any proof of the so-called existing island, that the show may have been based on, Mr. Lindelof waved goodbye, steering his yacht away. On the back of the yacht, the name of the ship could be made out "The End" (All fiction, based on a theory that "Lost" is just another, albeit amazing, reality show)

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