As I am new to the T.V. show " Lost ", I'm only vaguely aware of some of the theories about the shows mysteries. I stand behind those who believe the show to be the best on television. I will attempt to discuss a few elements of the show that strike a chord of familiarity in my life and in the research I have conducted in the past few years, incorporating these ideas into my science fiction writing. Nikola Tesla and his research in electricity and magnetism, that led up to the bizarre and still unexplained Philadelphia Experiment in the 40's, was behind the research later conducted at Montauk, N.J. in the 50's by the U. S. Air Force theoretically to discover the potentials powers of electromagnetic waves. Conspiracy theorists have gone as far as to say that they can create horrific monsters and control minds, in a broad sense. Like whole towns of people controlled by sound waves to be more productive or the theory also was that Tesla's ideas could be used to control the weather or even develop a massive weapon. So as I have newly arrived on the island, a newbie, the shows writing has been eagerly anticipated through writings of my own, such as " Arteries of the Earth " and " The Other Side" which I intend to make available online soon. My theories about the show are based on what I've read, of course and the reviews I've heard of the shows, and interviews, etc, I realise there is probably nothing new here, but I blog on hoping some one finds something interesting. One theory I have is based on the old " gifted and talented classes" in school. Where those with special talents or gifts were offered to go to class with others like them selves. I see the island as a home to mainly the " found" and the rest of civilisation are the lost... Or perhaps Atlantis has resurfaced as a time and space travelling island that has over time evolved into a living entity. With its eccentric powers of control over its inhabitants stretch much farther than just the physical island itself, but throughout the entire world. Its reach delving into dark places and bright areas to try and fix certain broken sections of our human existence. Another theory I have is that the island is a Purgatory between earth and heaven, with souls trapped on it until they determine their fate by their decisions and actions. Or an alternate dimension, rich for plundering but protected by its people by some powerful means. Maybe the island is miniature in size and in the center of a vast octagonal table with rich people gathered around using the cast as pawns in a game. One theory I have is that Hurley bought the island and is secretly behind everything...He is an awesome actor and extremely funny in his interviews. The show is powerful and exciting, the actors and the writing are both incredible to see. When working or traveling about, I hear lots of lyrics from classic rock which does appear to be incorporated into the show. From Charley's tattoo " Living is easy with eyes closed...", the old Beatles song " Strawberry Fields", which continues, " misunderstanding all you see.." to the Bachman-Turner Overdrive song, " Taking Care of Business", with " You get up every morning with the alarm clocks warning, take the 815 into the city..." Tesla's research led to many things Tesla's research led to many things Atlantis...? Atlantis...? I have thoroughly enjoyed the show and hope to learn more about the hidden plot as we watch season 5. The last 4 years are really excellent and look forward to the rest of the episodes. The theories behind the writing of the show remain a mystery, but guessing at what lies deep within the island... continues

This show has several very interesting theories surrounding it like the ocean it roams about in. My theories are based on the island being alive, in it's constant search for inhabitants it chooses in a very far-reaching capacity...could the trees, plants and even the rocks be a living, sentient being? Does it heal, resurrect or deal death at will, deciding to do so after first drawing its inhabitants and then judging them? It would certainly seem so. My Atlantis theory is based on the still undiscovered, yet talked about vaguely from the episodes I've seen, and that was a volcano somewhere on the island. Apparently if I recall correctly that had erupted sometime in the past and...sealing off some hole into the ground. In the Atlantis map I found, the pattern of the islands seem similar in shape and position to some of the island maps from the hit T. V. series " Lost "...I found at least this particular hand drawn map interesting.

How much does an island cost? Maybe this one was cheap and our friend Hugo found it for sale. Perhaps he told no one, not even his dad. He could be even more powerful than even we imagine. In my personal opinion, there is way more to Hurly than meets the eye. His streak of bad luck may have led to his purchase of an island he can't, at least so far, ever leave. Or has his streak of luck changed for the better, maybe the island chose to heal him from the effects of the " numbers " on him and his friends and family...

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