:::::::::Wheel of Dharma, Water of life, or a Loom of Destiny? Whether it turns out to be a light of peace, or father time lending hands of fate, it's all coming together and six years of "Lost" will be wrapped up and a part of history:::::Time for answers, speculation, answers we have to find, goodbyes, endings and new beginnings.....It's the island of earth, in an ocean of space, that we have to live on without our favorite show. ::::::::::::::I will always remember my time on the island fondly. The shocks, open mouth stares, and I found I experienced a medley of intense emotion with each episode.....I can see time-lines inconsistencies, because how many times has the wheel been turned by polar bears and countless others, making anything historically correct, near impossible........As Eloise Hawking said, "The Universe, unfortunately, has a way of course-correcting. ..." ........::::::::::::It could be a day on the island and a mere second passes on the mainland. .........Whatever is the true course that is becoming corrected, we are all about to find out, and I remember this as the most educating, exciting and entertaining years of my life... 22:13, May 16, 2010 (UTC)

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