Hydra Island Resort and Country Club---May 10, 2027---Sawyer, Hurley and Miles walk out of the huge 14 story restaurant, overlooking the shore. "Dad sure is uptight since that new time capsule was perfected.", said Miles. "Yeah, and those Faraday clones keep running around saying he's lost a button in '77, and he needs to go on the next shipment...ha.", Sawyer, laughed. Hurley, who only ate a cheeseburger, and seemed unusually quiet, said, "Anybody seen Ben, He was supposed to have that 'Love-boat' outta here by tonight, I got 10 subs coming in and were gonna need room"> "I saw Bob the builder out by the cages feeding the polar bears and icing the cages." Miles looked up at Hurley, asking, "So if the bears push the wheel all the way around, we loose 12 bears in the desert, which you arrange to pick up, and return to the island. What happens when the wheel goes all the way around?" "Not sure, but I did it in a dream and the island was, like rejuvenated and cleaner.", said Hurley, looking up at a huge ship. Above them, on the docks, a large luxury liner and a few Dharma boats were unloading mass amounts of food to be sent back on the Time Copters. Soon, the underground facilities would be complete and Hurley would cook all the Dharma food himself. The food would help supply all the missions to the past, recently begun in 2025, to help correct all damage from multiple time changes. The Hanso Corporation, and the Dharma Initiative worked closely together, to create this massive resort, after events led to the destruction of the MIB.(;

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