(---Museum, Los Angelos, CA.--In a private room marked "Keep Out", and "museum personnel only..", Dr.Pierre Chang opens a small safe, and carefully pulls out a snow globe. Shaking it, he laughed, because instead of snow, tiny clouds would form a storm that would swarm about the tiny island deep inside the glass. He laughed again, "It's really a rain, or Storm Globe..."),[fiction: not a spoiler]. Could, in the Flash-Sideways museum, in a room with relics collected from the island, a snow globe exist with some, as yet, unexplained connection to the island? How much does Desmond know? He seems to have seen the end result of everything in the OT, after his EM bath, thanks to Widmor. Will the island allow itself to be destroyed? Tune in on Sunday, same "Lost", channel, same "Lost" time.

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